Some Of The Most Damaging Substances For Your Health

There are many substances on Earth which can kill, injure or significantly increase our health issues. Humanity is an odd race, a human can spend a day focusing on fitness, but then later binge drink or smoke. Some substances we ingest willingly, others we are subjected to over time, yet all can make us ill, ranging from light day to day issues such as coughing to more severe symptoms like cancer and death.


You knew it was coming, it is probably the most consumed drug in the world, and that’s what it is, a drug. Many people don’t see it that way but countless people die every year from alcohol poisoning and alcohol related diseases. Booze can damage the liver, leaving you with huge fatty deposits and your liver functioning at a lower capacity. You can contract alcoholic hepatitis whereby your liver swells and can cause death. The problem is also with the drunken effect, it leads people to do some crazy things which result in prison or death. Unfortunately, it is rarely consumed with moderation and binge drinking can really hurt you in the long run. Alcohol kills up to 2.5 million people across the globe each year.


Widely used in construction, asbestos was a crumbly grey material used to make things such as garage roofs or drain piping. It has since been outlawed in many countries, but there are still huge installations running with asbestos and likely may home’s still using it. There are usually free removal services available, so you if think you can see it don’t hesitate to call your local handler. Don’t panic, it’s the spores that are particularly damaging, they are released when asbestos is snapped or crushed. It can cause a very particular cancer that forms on the membrane of your lungs, common in people who used to work with asbestos years ago.


handsIt’s dangerous, everyone knows it these days, yet still people smoke en-masse. It can give you cancer, leave you short of breath, make you smell bad and cost you a fortune. Nicotine is one of the most addictive substances on the planet so it can be quite tough to quit smoking. People are now vaping, where they inhale nicotine vapor, an e liquid is dispersed via vapor into the body. It has health risks of its own such as popcorn lung, but it far better for you than smoking a cigarette and can be a great way to start winding down your nicotine addiction.

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

This silent killer comes from devices that burn gas, wood, propane and charcoal. The problem with the gas is that it’s tasteless, odorless and colorless, meaning you won’t know anything about it. There are many symptoms including vomiting, confusion, severe headache blurred vision and flu-like symptoms which can actually result in death. The best countermeasure is by using a CO2 alarm which detects when there is too much CO2 in the air. You should place one of these in every room that uses a fuel burning technique, such as a boiler or a fire.

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