3 Essential Tips To Help You Start Your Fitness Journey (And Change Your Life Forever!)

[dropcap]A[/dropcap]re you ready to write a new chapter in your book of life? Is it time you got up off the sofa and started getting fitter and caring for your health more? If the answer to both questions is yes, then I’ve got the perfect article for you. Below, there are three tips to help newbies start their fitness journey:

Sign Up For Something Fitness Related

The best way to kickstart your fitness journey is to sign up for something fitness related. What I mean by this is you should sign up for a gym membership. That’s the most common thing that people do to help them get set in the right direction. A gym membership gives you access to a place you can go and workout and gets fitter. It also puts you around like-minded people where you can get advice and fitness tips while making new friends too.

However, joining a gym isn’t the only option out there for you. Some people aren’t blessed with easy access to a gym or the money to pay for membership. In which case, you will have to look for alternative solutions. Good ideas include signing up for classes or sports teams in your local area. There might be a yoga class or running club you can join and start getting fit by going to it. If you like sports, there could be a soccer team in your area that you can sign up for or any other sports team. For students in college, you should definitely sign up for lots of different fitness related societies at your college.

The reason you should sign up for fitness related things is that they help keep you motivated and push you in the right direction. If you try and do everything on your own, then it’s easy to find excuses and lose motivation. But, if you’ve spent money on a gym membership or spinning classes then you’ll be more inclined to go, or it’ll be a waste of money. Joining teams/societies is also beneficial as you have the group atmosphere with them. You’re in a group and everyone can keep each other motivated, and it’s more fun to exercise when you’re with others.

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Get The Right Gear

Some people think that gym training gear is just a novelty. Companies sell all this cool looking stuff just to fuel people’s egos, they don’t really have any impact on your fitness goals, right? To be honest, they can have quite a significant impact. Wearing the right gear can make a load of difference to how your exercise. If you’re wearing pants that are nicely compressed and feel like they give you less restriction than joggers or shorts, then you’re obviously benefitting. You can run more comfortably and get more out of your workouts. The same goes for tops, some are made with more breathable materials that make it less uncomfortable when you sweat. The material cools your body down and helps you workout for longer.

Then, you have other gear that’s very important like footwear and gloves. The right footwear makes a world of difference, particularly when running or lifting weights. Get proper running trainers if you like running a lot as they help prevent issues with your ankles and knees. If you’re lifting weights, then you might want to try out these amazing weight lifting shoes to help provide a more powerful base. As far as gloves go, some people like wearing weightlifting gloves to get more grip and do less damage to the skin on their hands.

It’s important that you get the right gear before you start your fitness journey. As well as clothing, I recommend actual exercise gear too. Things like fitness balls and resistance bands are an absolute must as they can allow you to do workouts at home. Once you’re kitted out and have all the gear you need, you can start on your fitness journey.

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Consult Your Doctor

Before you get started on your fitness journey, you must consider one essential thing. You have to go and consult your doctor before you start anything related to fitness. I know, it sounds like such a boring thing to say to someone that’s probably really eager to get started and change their life. But, your health is extremely important. The worst thing you can do is work out when you’re not physically healthy enough to do so. There are so many little issues that can make a huge difference when you start exercising. For example, people with flat feet can have serious issues if they exercise without getting their feet seen to. It can lead to knee problems which will ultimately injure you in the long run. If you consulted your doctor, they could notify you of the problem and perhaps help you find orthotics to wear that will fix the issue.

Consulting your doctor helps you find out what condition you’re in before you start on your fitness journey. You may find that they check you out and say that everything is fine and there’s nothing to worry about. In which case, off you go and get started on your journey to a fitter, healthier, you. But, they might notice problems with your body that can restrict your ability to work out. Things like back and hip issues are incredibly common, as are postural issues. They may refer you to a physical therapist who can help you correct these problems and make it safer for you to work out.

That’s what seeing your doctor is all about, ensuring you’re in a position to exercise safely without putting your body at risk. It seems like effort now, but, it beats having to see your doctor after a few months because you’ve got so many injuries and can’t exercise anymore. Be smart, be safe, and book a consultation to have a short physical examination.

After you’ve followed these three tips, you’ll be ready to get started on your new journey. Hopefully, they set you up to be in the best possible position to get fit and healthy. Watch your life change and don’t forget to eat healthily too! That’s a big thing people forget to do, a fitness journey involves good nutrition as well as exercise.

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  1. Is that so i need to consult to the doctor too ? i didn’t knew about this thing…well i feel like i need to take an appointment as early as possible ..though i was about to start my fitness regime after a very long break..since my accident….

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