Shake Up Your Routine And Join An Axe Throwing League

If you feel like you’ve settled into your routines and habits and the days are just passing by without much changing from much from one to the next, there are plenty of great reasons to throw a wrench in your agenda and try something different. There’s a lot of psychological evidence suggesting that breaking your habits and changing up your routine once in awhile are the secret to unlocking productivity and inspiration when you feel like you’re in a slump. Do something different after work, start exercising, join a sports league, and start fighting bad habits like instantly turning on the television or turning to social media the first chance you get. These are how you wind up losing precious leisure hours you could be using to really recharge and find your new groove.

One new way you can change your routine is by joining a sports league, but if baseball or hockey aren’t your thing, there are a number of alternative sports that are easy for amateurs to get into. You’ve probably heard about the renaissance of axe throwing if you’ve been paying attention to the news, with venues like BATL (short for the Backyard Axe Throwing League) growing in popularity. After humble beginnings in an actual Toronto backyard, they moved into a warehouse location in Toronto and have since opened three in their home city, with locations in Ottawa, Kitchener, London, Pickering, Niagara Falls, and Calgary.

Discover why axe throwing has been sweeping from city to city across Canada and join an axe throwing league like BATL, which has become popular enough that they offer multiple weeknight league meetings to accommodate a number of different schedules and provide enough space for all their regular participants. Their seasons last about 2 months with weekly matchups before heading into the playoffs, which is where the real competition gets going and the die-hard veterans start to show their mettle. Don’t be intimidated by their trick shots or their clutches; while axe throwing is an intense experience, their matches are casual and a great way to meet new people, make new friends, and develop a new set of skills.

Breaking out of your daily routine is about reenergizing, putting yourself in an unfamiliar situation, and learning how to make mistakes (and learn from them) can put a whole new perspective on things and give you the inspiration to move in a new direction. At least at BATL, axe throwing isn’t just about finding the sharpest shooter, it’s about building a community and making new friends. Their leagues do a number of charity fundraising events for food banks, amateur sports leagues, and other organizations, in addition to throwing skills competitions where you see some of the most daring and impossible moves. Don’t get too ahead of yourself; learning how to throw an axe is about patience and dexterity, but once you’ve got your follow-through down, you’ll be landing bullseyes in no time. Get out of your comfort zone and try axe throwing today.

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