Book A Heli Skiing Trip & See The Rockies

Skiing is one of the most popular winter activities in the world. A recent study found that over 13 million people ski each year, and the sport’s equipment industry recently reported approximately 13 billion dollars in revenue for the last fiscal year. The increasing popularity of this winter pastime makes ski resorts a popular vacation destination.

However, if you’ve ever been to these resorts you might find yourself frustrated with the varying skill levels of guest, the overpopulated run, and the overall touristy feel. Avid sports enthusiasts want to avoid the crowds and spend their time taking in the fresh mountainside air. Luckily, boutique heli skiing operators like Great Canadian offer a refreshing spin on the traditional mountainside visit.

Heli skiing is an off-trail option for athletes looking to beat the crowd and try something new. Participants are taken by helicopter to a landing pad on a remote part of the mountain where the best conditions await them. To learn more about the complete process, check out the Canadian Heli Skiing Blog. As you read on, you’ll realize it’s a convenient, safe, and much more fun experience than a traditional visit to a resort. Here are three of the biggest advantages to the sport.

Beat the Crowds

Companies offering heli ski trips pride themselves on showing you sides of the mountain that most people never get to see, and they also limit the amount of participants taking part in a trip. You’ll generally be placed in a small group of 3–4 people, and you’ll explore fresh, untouched powder each day with limited interruption. This certainly beats the stop-and-go pattern you’ll experience at the resort!

Flexible Trips

A lot of heli ski companies will create a personalized, unique experience for you and your group. They offer flex packages that allow you to begin your trip any day of the week in a time frame that works best for you versus the traditional weekend excursions. This benefit ensures you will have the trip of your dreams. It can also introduce tremendous cost savings.

Stress Free Vacation

Most companies provide lodging, food, and entertainment in addition to your excursion. Generally, heli skiing has someone available to assist with all the details. This allows someone else to do the planning and limits the amount of personal prep you will need to do prior to your departure. Now you’ll get to enjoy the stress-free vacation you deserve!

Overall, a heli ski holiday is a great option for adventurers looking for a once in a lifetime experience. The unique and flexible format will ensure you have the vacation of your dreams! Forget the stereotypical resort vacation and look into a heli ski holiday today!

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