Injured at Work? You Need a Personal Injury Attorney

For those living and working in the Corpus Christi area, getting injured at work can happen to anyone at any time. It is a scary experience, and one that both you and the employer need to take seriously. So, what do you do when you get injured at work? After receiving medical attention you’ll want to make sure you get a hold of a personal injury attorney in Corpus Christi.

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What is a Personal Injury Attorney?

If you’ve never had to contact a personal injury attorney before, then you may not be aware of what they do exactly. This type of lawyer is also called a trial lawyer or a plaintiff lawyer. They represent clients who allege to have a psychological and/or physical injury that has resulted from careless or negligent acts. These acts could be the fault of an organization, company (business), or a person.

Typically, the person who is alleging the injury will ask for compensation that covers their medical expenses, loss of work/earnings, the lawyer and legal fees, emotional stress, suffering and pain due to the injury, and even loss of companionship.

A personal injury attorney may also be necessary in order to deal with an insurance company to ensure the injured party isn’t taken advantage of by the large company.

The personal injury attorney will work with you from the beginning and see the case through to the end. This means the investigation, gathering the necessary evidence and statements, interviewing people, representing you at the trial, and an appeal if necessary. The goal is to take the stress and responsibility of the injured party and allow the lawyer to do all the legwork and paperwork.

When Do You Contact a Personal Injury Attorney?

Once you have been injured obviously the first priority is to get proper medical care. Once you are stable, you can contact a personal injury attorney. It’s best to recount the incident as soon as possible after it happened so you don’t leave out any details or information.

The incident may have been caught on surveillance camera in the workplace even, and in that case the attorney will be able to get a copy to review.

A good rule of thumb is to contact an attorney any time a serious injury has occurred. This means any time hospitalization is required, broken bones, etc. If you have insurance coverage through work, the insurance company will become involved. Having a lawyer working for you will help to make the process smoother and make sense of the legal terms and jargon.

There is usually quite a bit of paperwork involved with serious injuries, and that alone can be overwhelming to people. The lawyer will be able to step in, explain the various issues, and make sense of all the documents ensuring you don’t sign anything you don’t fully understand or agree to.

Even if you are still unsure if you need a personal injury attorney, it’s usually better to have a consultation and explain your injury to them, so they can let you know if they can help. It’s the case of “better safe than sorry”.

Things to Keep in Mind When Searching for an Attorney

When it comes to hiring a personal injury attorney there are a few things to keep in mind. You don’t want to just pick one for the sake of picking one – there are some criteria you should use.

Pick a lawyer that specializes in personal injury and has hands-on experience. They will know all the ins and outs and the process involved.

Ask for recommendations from friends and family about an attorney they have used in the past. Word of mouth is an excellent way to learn about different personal injury lawyers.

Ask if they offer a free consultation. This is your opportunity to meet with them in person, see if you like their style, and if you like the approach they are proposing with your case.

During your first meeting or consultation be sure to go in prepared with a list of questions. It’s best to write these down ahead of time so you don’t forget any on the spot.

Ask about their price/fees as you don’t want any surprises later on.

Ask about their hours of availability, will it be easy to contact them if you have questions or concerns?

Getting the Legal Help You Need

An experienced personal injury attorney will be able to give you the legal help you need to make sure that you are properly and fairly compensated due to an injury in the workplace.

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