Protecting Your Pet from Unreasonable Landlords

A loving pet owner may face difficulties in renting an affordable apartment because of a strict no-pet obligation from the owner. However hard you may try to convince the importance of your pet in your family, often people just do not want to see reason. In such circumstances, you would need something more than mere logical skills to suffice legal protection for the pet. The law recognizes the validity of therapeutic companionship provided by animals. All you need to do is obtain an ESA certificate. Certifying your dog or cat as an emotional support animal effectively obliges the insensitive landlord to accept the animal in his premises. Follow the simple procedure of applying for the license from an authorized online service.

The contents

The contents of the certificate validate your disease, the fact that you are undergoing treatment, and the importance of having an emotional support animal around. Essentially, the document is a signed and dated letterhead from a registered medical practitioner. It would enlist your emotional distress if it is found eligible under stipulates of Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM- IV/ V). Qualifying conditions include various kinds of phobias, anxiety disorders, suicidal thoughts, mood swings, PTSD, and residues of any other kind of traumatic experience. It is available only after you fulfill nominal payments to access the application form at an authorized web service. Following the processing of your application, the emotional support dog letter is provided.

The authority

The ESA certificate allows pet owners and the animal legal immunity by the Fair Housing Amendments Act, 1988. In fact, the law also prohibits property owners to demand prescriptions or any other kind of clinical documents from the tenants. All you have to do is to furnish this letter to obtain immunity as long as your situation does not entail exceptions. The premises on which property owners can deny the presence of a pet include admittance in public institutions, the presence of a potentially dangerous animal, and in the unique situation where the landlord cohabits with tenants in a property that does not have more than four units. Moreover, the licensure also allows the permission to allow pets on flight according to the Air Access Carriers Act.

The landlord cannot ask the owner to provide an identifying tag on the pet. In fact, in situations where allowing the pet in premises is still unacceptable, the law can extend so far as to compel the owner to construct a comfortable living quarter for the pet in the premises. However, the owner also has to conform to the fact that the pet would not be any kind of a nuisance. Obtaining the emotional support dog letter is not the same as a service animal license. Service animals perform a wider scope of duties such as assisting blind owners or protecting the premises in the night. Nevertheless, the National Service Animal registry still allows owners to register their ESA certified pets. Consider both options to assure full protection of the helpless animal from an insensitive landlord.

Protecting Your Pet from Unreasonable Landlords 2
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