How the Elderly Benefit from Playing Bingo

Although Bingo has always been a popular game with seniors, it hasn’t been until just recently that scientific studies have proven that not only do seniors have fun playing the game but also derive a number of benefits as well. So the next time you find mum sitting at the computer for a few hours on end or joining her friends at the local church bingo night, you’ll be happy to see that she is doing something that’s actually good for her.

Relieving Loneliness Especially after the Loss of a Spouse

One of the hardest parts about becoming elderly is that we often outlive our spouses and other loved ones. The kids are off with lives of their own and even our friends are dwindling in numbers. There is no longer a job to go to and with few social activities, boredom and loneliness quickly set in which can present a very real problem for a senior. It takes their joy out of life and with it, their will to live. Believe it or not, bingo can give seniors a reason to live.

A Will to Live – Really?

Whilst it may sound like an absurd thing to say, bingo really can give a senior a will to live. They become more social in a game of bingo whether it is online or at a local bingo hall. Seniors also chat in the chat feature of bingo games online and of course there are real people at the bingo hall, so there is the social aspect to it as well. It’s no fun to sit there alone in your apartment or home so chatting with other players keeps them social and in the swing of things. Yes, a social life does give you a renewed sense of hope. There is life out there after all.

Bingo Keeps the Mind Sharp

Whether playing for the jackpot or simply playing for the fun of it, there is something to be said for being sharp enough to keep up with the caller. Sometimes the numbers are called fast and furious which keeps seniors on their toes, so to speak. Most things in their lives have become rather slow and methodical but bingo adds a bit of thrill to an otherwise boring day. There’s nothing like mental exercise to keep the mind sharp and that’s certainly something bingo is, a mental exercise keeping up with all those balls.

Faster Recovery after an Illness or Surgery

Doctors and medical experts are still trying to figure this one out, but there is medical evidence to substantiate the claim that bingo helps with the healing process. It isn’t quite clear how this works but many believe that having fun and taking one’s mind off pain and suffering is healing in itself. In fact, many famous people laughed themselves to wellness like Norman Cousins, editor of the prestigious US journal, the Saturday Review and holder of more than 50 honorary doctorate degrees. After being diagnosed with a serious illness he played comedy after comedy and to the chagrin of his medical team in 1964, was totally healed of the disease. This is a phenomenon that many bingo players also experience. Perhaps not as extreme, but a healing nonetheless.

Some seniors like to try their hand at luck with the National Lottery, but that gives them nothing really to do other than pick out a few numbers and then sit back and wait to see what’s been called. Both bingo and the lottery can have tempting jackpots, but only bingo actually lifts seniors out of the pits of despair. From having fun with friends to experiencing improved health, bingo has benefits for seniors which are only now coming to light.

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