Why your Business should Adapt to IoT Technology

The Internet of Things is a hot topic in mobile app innovation, and it is not hard to see why. The sensors, chips and other networking technology needed to connect to Internet devices range from light bulbs to smart bracelets to industrial equipment have all become inexpensive and easy to acquire.

The idea of the technology — simply put — is that these connected “things” receive and send data over a network and correspond to a variety of physical characteristics such as humidity, temperature, pulse rate, light level, speed or rpm — as well as more complex data such as pressure or maintenance requirements, sounds, as well as moving or static images.

IoT technology is most prevalent in 5 key areas, and if you operate your business in any of the following spheres you’ll want to start thinking about how your mobile app platform is going to adjust.

1. Smart Home
Smart Home technology is clearly unique, ranking as the highest application of Iot technology on every measured channel. More companies are active in the intelligent home as any other application in the area of IoT.

2. Wearables
The Apple Watch is a major IoT player, but other portable innovations have people excited including the Sony Smart B trainer, Myo’s gesture control, and the LookSee bracelet. There is seemingly no end to innovation happening in this this area of commerce.

3. Smart City
Smart city technology covers a wide variety of use cases.Its popularity is amplified by the fact that many Smart City innovations promise to alleviate real pains of people living in cities such as crime, traffic congestions, and public works.

4. Connected Cars
The connected car is developing slowly. Given the fact that development cycles in the automotive industry usually take 2-4 years, we have not seen a lot of buzz behind the connected car — yet. But that is slowly changing as there are many auto manufacturers —both large and small — currently working on connected car solutions.

5. Smart Farming
Smart agriculture and farming is an often overlooked IoT business case because it does not really fit into the familiar categories, such as retail, mobility, or industrial. However, due to the remoteness of farms and the large number of animals that could be monitored, the Internet of Things could revolutionize the way farmers work.

The starting point for Internet of Things applications are the things themselves that can connect directly to the Internet, to neighboring things or to an Internet gateway device to allow for unprecedented convenience. Consider Clearbridge Mobile, a Toronto-based app development company that has already been actively developing Internet of Things applications for business that redefine the interactions between people, their mobile devices, and their surroundings. Hop online and visit Clearbridgemobile.com to learn more about a recent case study involved a touchless mobile payments system that seamlessly leveraged Optical Character Recognition and PayPal payments to allow for transactions at gas stations – without the user having to leave their vehicle (thanks to interconnection between the gas station cameras, the driver’s mobile device, and the PayPal platform).

Your business needs to prepare for and embrace the Internet of Things, so be sure to find a development partner always looking to share your same vision. If you have ideas or simply want to explore the potentialities of IoT, start your research now. The future of business-facing IoT tech is just a call or click away.

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