How Do You Get a Job as an App Developer?

Since smartphones and tablets became such a huge part of our lives (almost a decade ago, in fact), apps have taken center stage when it comes to the technology we tap into and talk about most. From things we rely on for everyday communication like Whatsapp, Messenger and Twitter, through to those productivity apps and utilities we can no longer live without – and of course games that became global phenomena like Angry Birds and Pokémon GO – apps are a big deal. If you love using apps and are technically minded then, working as an app developer may well be a profession you would be interested in.

App developers all have to start somewhere, so even if you aren’t currently skilled or experienced, by picking the right training and doing good app development work in your spare time, it can be an accessible career path for you.

Getting a Related Degree

One of the simplest ways to get into working as an app developer is to get a relevant degree, such as a computer information systems degree. If you already have a degree but it hasn’t given you the skills you want to look for work in app development, then a masters like an MSCIS may be a good choice. There are lots of good online colleges that can let you do an MSCIS or CIS degree online, which means that even if going to college doesn’t really fit with your plans right now, you can start studying for your degree from home, and fit it around your life. A degree is not essential, however those who succeed in this field without one tend to be people who learned to code and have been doing it in their spare time from a young age, so if you’re not a hobbyist developer with lots of work you can show potential employers, this is the best route.

Freelance Work

If you actually already have a lot of development experience – whether professional or as a hobbyist – then you may be able to gain a job as an app developer more directly by having a good portfolio of apps you have worked on. You can just develop some yourself, but a better choice can be looking for small freelance app dev jobs on freelancer networks. This will give you products to add to your resume and also pay you for working on them.

Sell Your Own Apps

While you are studying or waiting for the right job to come along, making some apps that are good enough to sell or generate some advertising revenue can also be a good way to improve your skills, buff up your resume, and make some cash. Having some products on the Google or Apple app stores never looks bad on a developer’s resume!

These are a few things to think about if you would like to begin working as a professional smartphone and tablet app developer. Why not start developing your skills today?

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