5 Unique Tattoos Inspired By The Great Outdoors

Our world is saturated in beauty that radiates around us like Saturn’s rings. A tattoo that pays homage to nature can reinforce a lasting bond with flora and fauna. Below are a few ideas to get you brainstorming of the perfect tattoo, courtesy of Mother Earth.

Spirits of the Forest
If you’ve ever seen Princess Mononoke, you understand the art of spirits manifesting in the natural world. The concept of spirits residing in stones, trees, animals and rivers is a part of traditional mythology in cultures around the world. From Native American lore to ancient Japanese legends, the spiritual quality of nature is universal. Designing a tattoo that incorporates the spiritual essence of earth will give an artist the opportunity to seamlessly unite fantasy with reality.

It’s impossible to consider a tattoo inspired by the wilderness without considering plants. Flowers make for brilliant tattoos because they can have such a depth of texture and shape. A skilled artist can capture the weight of petals as they overlay one another, and flowers are versatile because they can be a focal point as well as an accent to other images. The winding tendrils of vines, tree branches and other plants can be incorporated easily into old tattoos to create a piece that is special.

Angel wings are a rather common and ethereal tattoo choice, but one should never forget the natural allure of birds. Traditional angels are depicted with dove wings, but there are so many unique bird species that sport resplendent plumage perfect for tattoos. From plushly vivid colors of peacock and parrot feathers to the grand wing span of an albatross, the options for bird inspired tattoos are near limitless.

Predatory animals can make for a tattoo that is striking and intense. The ferocious, commanding beauty of big cats translate into lovely art, especially when the animal has a coat of rosettes, spots or stripes. If canines are more your style, wolves, coyotes and foxes are just as charming. One could also opt for a more innocent approach to predators, such as a bear cub or a family of dozing alligators.

Antlers and Horns
The spiraling organic structure of horns can provide a lot of depth and intrigue to a tattoo. Many species of antelope feature horns that are graceful and elegant, while deer like caribou don antlers that command power. Antlers can also be an opportunity for a tattoo artist to make use of contrasting textures, particularly when depicting young antlers that are covered in velvet.

Tattoos can be quite addicting, so when you decide on one nature themed tattoo, you’re bound to be back for another. When picking an artist, make sure you do your research and find a parlor that is reputable and efficient. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. If you’re a fledgling tattooist yourself, it’s also important to be well versed on the business. From learning classic art styles to finding the best business insurance for tattoo studios, you want to feel as fortified in knowledge as possible so that tattooing becomes as natural as breathing. Just make sure to take time to do your research so that you can find the best studio and design for you.

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