Saturday Night At The Movies: Should You Bring Single-Screen Cinema To Your Town?

One of the highlights of a Saturday night is that you can make an event out of it! An example of what you could spend your time doing is going to the movies with friends or significant others. These days, movie theaters are showing an array of the latest Hollywood blockbusters.

Those movie theaters tend to be run by corporate entertainment chains. What’s interesting is there is now a rise in the number of independent movie theaters in our towns. You might be wondering why that is so, given they aren’t on an even footing to compete with the big chains?

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Well, as it turns out, independent movie theaters are offering an alternative film experience. It’s something that has gained traction in recent years and is now a lucrative niche market. If you’re an entrepreneur and a movie buff, should you bring a single-screen cinema to your town? In short, the answer is a resounding YES! Here’s the long answer:

Single-screen movie theaters aren’t mainstream

For many cinemagoers, the appeal of single-screen movie theaters is how they aren’t mainstream. These days, there is a rising demand for non-mainstream products and services.

Movie theaters offer film buffs a chance to enjoy a night out with other like-minded people. Whereas in a typical ten-screen chain movie theater, it’s often crowded and annoying.

Another part of the appeal of single-screen cinemas is the independence factor. Movie theater owners can show all kinds of films from the past; they seldom show brand new movies. Such venues are ideal for enjoying popular classics on the big screen. Plus, it enables movie buffs to relive times from certain eras of their lives.


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The chance to create a unique cinema experience

Mainstream movie theaters tend to operate to patterns. They have the same kinds of facilities, seating options, and refreshments. In short, experiences in typical cinemas are usually identical to previous ones.

Single-screen theaters allow owners to create a more unique movie-going experience for customers. For instance, they can have luxury theater style seating installed instead of standard seats. Many single-screen movie theaters even offer an at-seat refreshment service! That means customers don’t have to miss the film they are watching if they would like something to eat or drink.

Another advantage to entrepreneurs of single-screen movie theaters is “themed” evenings. In a nutshell, this is where you could celebrate the anniversary of a well-known film. Aside from showing the film, the cinema could also turn the lobby into a shrine dedicated to the movie!

For example, let’s say an independent single-screen movie cinema wants to celebrate Indiana Jones. They could put movie props in the lobby or even cardboard cut-outs of the main characters! Because they are independent, they have the power to be as creative as possible.

A tribute to the movie industry

The issue with watching DVDs or Blu-rays at home is you don’t get that full cinematic experience. Even if you had a dedicated cinema room at home, it just doesn’t feel the same.
Single-screen cinemas take advantage of that by showing the films people want to watch.

They never show the latest Hollywood blockbusters; that gets left to the mainstream theaters. Instead, they focus on the films that were box office hits back in their heydays. Single-screen cinemas offer a lasting tribute to the movie industry while being profitable venues.

Consumers enjoy the fact that single-screen theaters give them more entertainment options. As a result, there is a definite trend showing where more people opt for them instead of the chains.

The celebration of film to a wider audience

It’s not just the famous mainstream movies that get shown at single-screen cinemas! Believe it or not, many offer options for those seeking alternative viewing choices. For example, one weekday could become an international film day. It’s an attractive idea for independent theaters located in culturally diverse areas.

And if there happens to a local film festival in town, the cinema can become a part of that too. The net result is more publicity for both the festival and the single-screen theater.

What does it take to open a single-screen movie theater?

As you can imagine, a lot of planning goes into setting up such a business. First, you must decide what types of films you wish to show. Next, you have to determine the licensing costs to play those movies.

At the same time, you must take into consideration other expenses like the venue, utility bills, and HR. There is also the question of marketing and advertising. And once you’ve got everything planned, you need to figure out how to fund it all!

Still, it’s not an impossible venture to consider. Many entrepreneurs have set up successful single-screen cinemas, and so could you!

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