Technology is constantly influencing our lives and changing the way we do things; from the way we communicate with friends to how we tackle the tasks at work. In recent years, a lot of new technologies and advancements have been released that are really transforming businesses and the workplace. In this article, we are going to take a look at some of the best tech developments that are influencing our work the most. Let’s get started, shall we?

Mobile Tech Developments

The rapid growth and developments of mobile technologies are among the many things that really change the way we work. We are no longer confined to the office space we’re assigned to. Instead, it is now possible to work from virtually anywhere in the world, as long as you have a mobile device and a working internet connection.

Many mobile devices are geared to make working remotely even easier too. The latest series of 2-in-1 laptops, for instance, means you can carry a small, thin device that is as capable as your desktop computer. Laptops are getting thinner and more capable too, with the latest iterations such as the HP Spectré and Dell XPS taking portability to a new level.

The same can be said for smartphones. Apple’s iPhone may not be designed specifically for businesses, but the apps available on the App Store are making it possible to do a lot of work-related tasks easily. Android phones and tablets are just as capable.

On top of that, we’re getting technologies like faster Wi-Fi and 4G (even 5G) to improve the remote working experience in a major way. You can do video conferences, connect with coworkers at the office, access documents and even work on projects directly from your mobile devices.

Unified Communications

Another major technological development that is really changing the business landscape across the country is unified communications. Instead of using separate lines for phone calls, video conferences, data transmissions and internal networking, solutions for unified communications now combine all of those things into a single, easy-to-maintain system.

It is amazing to see how these unified communications systems are penetrating businesses from top to bottom. Even small companies can now use unified communications and enjoy the same set of benefits as larger corporations.

Companies like KBZ are also making the implementation and maintenance of UC systems much more manageable and affordable. There is no need to invest heavily in hardware and dedicated servers, because everything can now run in the cloud. Maintenance is also very easy for the same reason. System admins can push updates and maintain the entire system from a single location.

The lack of specialty hardware also leads to better efficiency in general. Companies can use the same mobile devices we talked about earlier to keep employees connected. It’s cheaper to invest in the latest smartphones than a dedicated IP phone for the office too.

The Cloud

We’ve talked about how unified communications systems can be run from the cloud, but cloud computing actually influences businesses more than that. A lot of things that weren’t possible a few years ago are now easily accessible with the help of cloud computing.

Document management, for instance, is more advanced than ever. Instead of relying on hard copies and paper documents, you can now edit documents in the cloud, share them with coworkers, get approvals and send the necessary documents to third-party vendors or clients without ever having to print them.

Cloud computing also influences the way we store information. While dedicated servers are expensive, cloud servers are robust, affordable and highly flexible. Terabytes of data can be stored in the cloud with immense reliability and amazing access. User management and access to information can be fine-tuned down to the very last detail.

Cloud technology also enables businesses to provide their employees with a collaborative platform in more ways than before. While working on the same document is quite common these days, the advancements in cloud technology mean you can now work on videos, programs and even resource-intensive 3D models in the cloud using any standard web browser.

These are just some of the technologies that have been changing the way we work and do business. There are still more of them on the market today – and even more coming really soon – which means work is about to get more fun, easier and efficient at the same time. Soon, we’ll have augmented reality, virtual meeting rooms and much more. Want to work while sitting on a beach and enjoying a nice drink? These technologies make it possible for you to do just that.

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