We know it’s not normal to spend every weekend bingeing on box sets. But every so often Ben, Jerry and you make a date for a Saturday and Sunday of serious downtime, PJ’s, popcorn, TV shows and all. Everyone does it; we just don’t like to admit it! For all the latest in music, TV and entertainment follow the click. But for now, what are some of the best box sets to binge on if you want to keep pressing the ‘next episode’ after ‘next episode’ button?

The Walking Dead

This show is kind of really popular. And unless you’ve actually been gorged on by a zombie it should be on your radar. Now on it’s the seventh season, its cable ratings have continuously been record-breaking. And we get that zombies aren’t for everyone, but if you’re not of the squeamish kind, then get yourself to a TV immediately and bunker down for a treat. The Walking Dead is a post-apocalyptic drama. But it's so much more than just about zombies. It's character driven plots address humanity, solidarity, anger, loss, and autonomy. It’s slickly written, got characters you actually care about, and more importantly characters you also hate. And the cliffhanger season endings are always immense. Luckily, if you’re binging on the six seasons box set, you won’t have to wait to find out what’s happening next season. So we’re not going to give anything away in this summary! Click here to find out all about The Walking Dead and other great box sets available now.


No zombies here, just some very glamorous Nashville country singers and a whole lot of angst. Some of the storylines seem pretty far-fetched but who are we to say what really goes on behind the scenes in the lives of musicians in Tennessee? If you love storylines you can take with a pinch of salt, but still cover the whole spectrum of emotions, then Nashville can become highly addictive. Add to that some great songwriting, the cheerleader from cult show ‘Heroes’ and scandalous storylines. And you’ve got yourself one epic drama.


Anything with the word Scandal as its title has already captured our curiosity. And Kerry Washington doesn’t fail to deliver in her performance as Olivia Pope. She plays the feisty and glamorous professional brought in to clean up all the indiscreet scandals that happen in the White House. And who knew murder, debauchery, and extra-marital affair were so rife in government? What makes it a little more awkward is that Olivia has also been having her own little scandalous affair with the President of the United States. Oh, and she also happens to be sleeping with his best mate too. It’s a smart drama with a great cast and superb writing. You don’t mess with Olivia Pope. But you’ll definitely want to keep watching as her and her army of cleaners make serious mistakes in Washington disappear.

Once Upon A Time

This is a show with a difference. It’s all the fairytales you loved as a child being given an adult twist. So think Captain Hook as a hottie, Pinocchio as a life-sized wooden man and a really trippy Enchanted Forest. And the female characters are all kick ass too. Snow White is a warrior princess, Red Riding Hood is an actual wolf and Mulan is a go-getting little Miss. And as we have former LOST writers Edward Horowitz and Adam Kitsis to thank for creating the show, you’ll also see favorite LOST actors such as Emilie de Ravin, Aland Dale and Jorge Garcia crop up. And Robert Carlyle plays the evil Rumpelstiltskin, glitter and all. It will have you all (Captain) Hooked in no time.

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