Newest Technological Developments in Biotech Today

Modern medicine is the promise of health and wellness in the twenty-first century. Although there are hundreds of new technological developments in the biotech field, the following are some of the most widely beneficial and currently available.

Kidney Dialysis at Home
Modern medicine teaches us that the kidneys are the body’s number one waste filtration system. Kidneys work around the clock to keep blood clean and bodies waste free. People with kidney disorders often have to spend time combating side effects from these problems and also miss out on aspects of their daily lives. In use for over a decade, the portable dialysis machine means two important things to patients: more cleanings and less time spent in the hospital.

Nano-Tech Nerve Regeneration
A nano fiber filled polymer known as a ‘nano gel’ is helping to regenerate nerves. It is injected directly into the spinal column in a liquid form. It is made up of incredibly strong fibers that are up to ten thousand times finer than a human hair. They actually stimulate new growth in damaged nerves by providing a scaffold for the nerve to attach itself. The regenerated nerve that would have originally ended in scar tissue then continues to grow and spread over damaged or missing areas.

Absorb GT1 BVS
The Bioresorbable Vascular Scaffold System or BVS is a stent used to open up clogged arteries. Reported to fully absorb into the body within three years, it works to prevent excess scar tissue from forming by releasing the drug evorolimus. After absorption the BVS leaves behind only four tiny platinum markers behind for cardiologists to identify the placement of the stent. BVS was approved for medical use by the FDA in July 2016.

“Smart” Contact Lenses
These tiny devices are an effort to study the eyes of patients with, or at risk for complications from glaucoma, the primary cause of blindness in the world. The lens detects pressure changes in the eye by sending a constant stream of data to a wireless device worn by the patient. These pressure changes allow ophthalmologists to monitor the progression of the disease and which of their patients are at the highest risk for blindness. The FDA approved the smart contact lens in March of 2016.

The worldwide enrichment of modern biotech developments are an interesting study for anyone pursuing any medical or scientific degree such as healthcare law. Understanding these techniques allows for better decision making for both patients and their caretakers.

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