Why Do Physicians Need EMR Transcription Services?

Physicians are dealing with a lot of changes today such as – conversion to ICD-10, stricter compliance and regulations, need for meaningful data, etc. Amidst all these changes physicians are forced to convert from using paper records to medical transcription records. It involves transferring of the patient’s data which is either recorded on audio or on paper into an electronic record, which are further stored on digital devices. This helps physicians easily access patient information as and when required.

But even though many physicians are opting for electronic medical records (EMR) transcription, they do not seem to have time to get the transcription done in-house and prefer using EMR services from a specialist. Here are other reasons why physicians need to get EMR transcription services: –

1. For specialized services

Converting the data into digital format requires high tech documentation, as well as gaining some expertise and familiarity in transferring the data. With specialized services there is no need to explore unfamiliar grounds, especially with specialized transcriptionists managing the high-tech documentation through medical dictation services. Additionally physicians can completely concentrate on patient care and do not need to add on extra duties on to their already busy schedule.

2. Eliminate the bother of clerical work

It is best to leave the clerical work of data entry with companies specializing in EMR transcription services. This not only helps save time and costs, but also allows the physicians to focus on caring for their patients rather than on the data entry duties. Moreover as these specialists are highly trained and also have certification, they can provide greater accuracy and efficiency while inputting the clinical documentation into the EMRs.

3. Make the most of EMR technology investments

Converting to EMR is a costly investment, by using transcription services physicians can ensure that they are getting the most out of their EMR systems. This is because medical transcriptionists are adept and experienced to effectively use the EMR systems and know how to improve existing and new patient records. Also they can decrease the pending or delayed work load quickly, with more time on hand than physicians to concentrate on the transcription work.

4. Helps save time for core activities

Physician’s every second is very important and it is a shame if they have to spend two thirds of their time in doing something unrelated to their main work of crucial patient care. With the healthcare industry requiring greater accuracy today, EMR has become important but it also takes up a lot of a physician’s valuable time. Hence EMR services help assign this unrelated work to transcriptionists, which helps save time and improve the physician’s and clinic’s efficiencies.

5. More detailed patient records

EMR transcription services generally provide niche integration tools that allow for more detailed notes than the typical templates. Due to these services, physicians are able to access more specific information while reviewing patient medical histories.

6. Improves turnaround time and revenues

Outsourcing the services helps create quick and accurate patient records. This improves turnaround time of the billing cycle due to lesser inaccuracies of patient records. This results in not only in procuring better revenues, but also does not affect the current patient revenue. As doctors do not need to sacrifice on tending to their patients and can easily maintain their current patient load both during and after the implementation of EMRs.

Finally while in-house staff can be hired as well to prepare EMR transcriptions, they would need to be trained and also would take time to be able to match the speed, efficiency and eye for detail of a trained transcriptionist. Apart from accuracy, cost-effectiveness and speed factor, EMR services also offer multiple choices depending on the physician’s specialty.

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