It’s More Than Just Diet and Lifestyle That Improves Our Life Expectancy

The average American has a life expectancy of around 78.8 years as of studies in 2016. Each decade, the life expectancy of humans becomes longer and scientists have often proven that this is due to the diet and lifestyles that the average human has. Scientists have come to this conclusion due to the different life expectancy of people living around the world. Those living in more basic conditions with poor hygiene are expected to live much less than those living in the cleanest and best conditions. A recent study by Italian researchers has revealed more about why some people live longer than others and have uncovered that it’s not all about how we live.

The Study

The Italian researchers studied two groups of people. The first group were around the age of 60 and the second around the age of 90. The younger group are expected to reach the age of the older group as they have lived similar lifestyles and have a similar genetic background. Both groups had tests on their blood to find out information about their levels of heart function and kidney function.

The Findings

The results from these tests showed as the researchers had expected. While the older group’s results were elevated showing signs of lower heart and kidney function, they were by no means in bad condition. The younger group also came out with great results showing healthy functions. The results indicated that both groups had great microcirculation. This means that while a healthy diet and lifestyle may help to keep microcirculation performing well, those who are not blessed with good microcirculation would not be able to live quite as long as those born with good microcirculation.

What Actually Is Microcirculation?

So you’re probably wondering what microcirculation actually is and how you can improve yours. Microcirculation is the circulation of blood in the smaller blood vessels and through your most important organs. Around 5 liters of blood is circling around our bodies at all times, providing all of our organs with the supplies they need to do their jobs and keep us going. Some people suffer from bad circulation meaning that the heart finds it difficult to pump blood around their body quite as effectively as it should do. This can lead to many health problems. This link shows a few symptoms of bad circulation that you can look out for.

How to Improve Your Life Expectancy

This study suggests that the key to living longer is to improve the microcirculation in your body. While some of us aren’t blessed with great circulation, don’t worry as there are a few things that you can do to improve it. Firstly, it’s important to ensure that you’re putting all of the vitamins into your body that you need. Make sure that you are getting enough sunlight to provide your body with vitamin D and if you find out that you have any vitamin deficiencies, start taking multivitamins to ensure that your body is getting everything that it needs. Another great way to improve your circulation is to get your heart pumping, you can do this by getting involved in some physical activity. If you’d like some more ideas for improving your circulation then check out this article, they’re all natural.

While this study has shed new light on what exactly it is that keeps us alive for longer and that it might be more focused on how we were born, it still shows that with a healthy diet and lifestyle you can improve your life expectancy. Although our lives have become more and more stressful with modern pressures taking their toll on our minds and bodies it’s important that we try not to get stressed. Stress is very unhealthy and ages our bodies in a number of ways. It’s vital to give your mind and body a rest from whatever pressure you are under and that you take care of yourself more as you get older.

If you want to stay alive for as long as possible then you need to set up a retirement plan to make sure that you get that much needed rest from work stresses when the time comes that you need to slow down. By planning for your retirement you won’t have to worry about money or anything else once you’ve handed in your notice. Being happy and healthy is the key to a long life.

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