[dropcap]A[/dropcap]nyone getting married this year might already be thinking about divorce. It sounds crazy, yet it’s quite logical. If nearly half of all marriages will end in this outcome, it makes sense to be prepared. Not just for the worse, but for the other side of the coin. The question must be asked, what causes such a high divorce rate? Relationship experts believe that they know the answers to this question.

Social Acceptance

Until the late 90’s, divorce was still an occurrence associated with shame. It certainly happened of course. Yet, the ideas attached to a divorce were nowhere near as positive as they are today. In the past, if you a divorce occurred in a Hollywood movie, the film would have been an emotional drama. A tear jerker until the very end where the woman or the man finally gets their life back on track. These days divorce is met with humor and with five minutes in films spent weeping and the rest enjoying the single life. Inevitably finding a new love before the ninety minutes is up. That should tell you everything you need to know about the way society now sees divorces. It’s not just accepted; it’s almost embraced. If you get divorced, you’ve got your life back, celebrate it.


Not too long ago a statistic popped up on Facebook. It revealed that ninety percent of relationships would end if the couples switched phones for one day. Is this true? It’s debatable, but technology has certainly made cheating on spouses easier to do and far simpler to uncover. It hasn’t stopped people from creating ingenious ways to get away with this activity, though. For instance, one woman saved her secret boyfriend’s number as her phone provider. They would message her top up ads unless she gave the all clear that her partner wasn’t around. To meet someone new, you no longer have to head down to a seedy bar. Instead, you can click on a site online and be talking with someone new in seconds.

Just Ten Days

If you were to ask us to recommend a divorce lawyer, we certainly could. They would be brilliant, take their time with your case and ensure that divorce was the right decision for you. They would take the end of your relationship seriously, rather than rushing through it. However, for every lawyer such as this, there’s a fast food law firm. They’ll have your marriage dissolved in just ten days, or the divorce is free. While this is a slight oversimplification, it’s not too far from the truth. Getting divorced is certainly a lot easier these days and marriages can be dissolved faster than they were made.

divorceA Whole New World

Finally, there are nearly eight billion people in the world. In the past, most of these were completely inaccessible. Now you can travel anywhere and speak to anyone. It makes sense to think that the first person you meet might turn out not to be the love of your life. Instead, that true love showed up years later, after you were already married. Due to divorce being embraced, there’s nothing stopping you going after that new love.

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