3 Worries Every New Mother Has That Are Totally Normal

[dropcap]F[/dropcap]or the most part, baby making is the fun part of having a baby! But from there on out, things can get decidedly more complex and challenging.

Once you’re through the troubles and strains of pregnancy, you may hope you’re out of the woods. And perhaps you will be, for a little while, as you hold your little bundle of joy and marvel at the miracle of life.

We wish we could say that that feeling is the exclusive one as the hours pass, and it comes time to return home. But the truth is, once you wave goodbye to the nurses and midwives, you may feel thrown in at the deep end.

First of all, try and accept that all new mothers have worries. However, this is totally normally, and nothing to worry about in itself. In this mini guide, we’ll take a look at three of the most common feelings. You may be a recent new mother and feel these things yourself, or you may pre-empt these in your future. Either way, read on for more…

Am I doing it right?

There might be millions of guide, blogs and lessons out there on mothering a baby- some better than others! However, not one single one of these can cover all the bases and teach you everything. There is simply too much to know, and too many variables to boot. So, learn the basics, by all means. It is important, of course, that you hold a newborn in a way that supports his or head right. It’s important that you bathe them at the right temperature- not too hot and not too cold. But for all the other, littler, more significant things? Take a breath and realize that you may just have to figure these bits out for yourself. Your motherly instincts will kick in, even if you don’t realize it!

Am I feeling the right emotions?

Postnatal depression is a very real and very traumatic experience for a sadly high number of mothers. If you feel like this kind of thing is having an effect on your relationship with your baby, don’t be ashamed to ask for help and guidance. Different issues can be thrown up if you have adopted your baby from a domestic adoption agency. As much as this is a rewarding experience, some mothers can worry that they won’t feel the same way for your baby. In this case, have a chat with your agency. They are sure to put your mind at rest, and help remind you what a wonderful thing you have done in adopting too!

Is my baby safe?

We’ve already touched upon the safety of your baby, in regards to things like holding and bathing them. However, the fact is, there are any number of dangers in the world that pose a threat to your baby. As his or her mother, the best you can do is to do your best! Speak to your midwife and ask as many questions as you want! Take it steady, take is easy and trust yourself.

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