Mobile Gaming vs. Console Gaming – The Great Battle of Our Age

The gaming industry is one of the biggest and most powerful in the world. And these days it has evolved into a multi-platform industry. PC gaming is still hugely popular, but the two most common forms are mobile gaming and console gaming. Some people do one or the other, but a lot of people choose to do both these days. So, it begs the questions, is one better than the other? This is a battle that is sure to rage for years, so let’s look at the advantages of both mobile and console gaming.


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Play Anywhere

Convenience is one of the key buzzwords for people these days. And this is where mobile gaming has an advantage over consoles. You can play it anywhere at any time of day. Cell phones now double up as gaming devices for a lot of people. You can make use of an APK downloader to get the games you want for your phone or tablet. Being able to pull out your phone and play games wherever you are really improves the experience and makes things a lot more fun. It makes gaming much more accessible for those who aren’t avid gamers.


One of the big advantages of mobile gaming is the fact that it’s relatively inexpensive. Many mobile games are free, and those that aren’t are still affordable. A lot of console games cost upward of $60, whereas you can download a lot of mobile games for under $10. This encourages more people to get involved in mobile gaming and makes it more affordable for everyone. There are probably a lot of expenses in your life already, and gaming is an extra one. So, if you can enjoy a cheaper form of gaming, this is going to be a really attractive prospect.


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The Full Experience

Many people who are avid gamers will always favor consoles because consoles offer the full experience. There’s just something about sitting down with a controller and a huge TV and having an immersive experience. Did you know that four out of five American households own a games console?! It’s not hard to see why when you consider how fun and enjoyable it can be playing on a console. No matter what console you choose, you will still get the full immersive experience. This is something you just can’t get from your smartphone or tablet.

Better Games

The other big benefit of console gaming is that you can enjoy playing better games. There is only so much you can do on a cell phone with your fingers and a small screen. With a console, you can play much more in-depth and detailed games. Games like Fallout 4 and Halo 5 are just too detailed for mobile gaming. If you want detailed and innovative games, you will need to get yourself a console.

As you can see, there are arguments on both sides here. The purists will always lean towards console games being the best. And those who are newer to the table will swear by mobile gaming. One thing is for sure, mobile gaming isn’t going anywhere fast, and may yet turn into the ultimate form of gaming.

Mobile Gaming vs. Console Gaming - The Great Battle of Our Age 2
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