The computer industry as we know it has been drastically changing due to technological advancements that improve daily. From more complex processors to enhanced display graphics, computers have adapted these technologies to produce more eloquent user experiences. What are some other new adaptations changing the way we compute?

Data Storage
Information storage is paramount in computers, and we have seen storage devices hold more data while shrinking in physical size. Probably the best example of this is the jump between the typical hard drive to solid state drives (SSD). This jump has allowed for the sizes of computers (laptops in particular) to decrease significantly.

Processing Power
With the leap in information storage technology, has come the need to process more information at an even faster pace. Processing power has increased out of this necessity as more data is being processed in a single moment to meet the user's needs. Incorporating the use of numerous cores, as well as more efficient communication processes from technologies such as fiber optics has made this evolution possible, though it is a constant process.

Screen Resolution
Another leap has been in screen display technology. Screen resolutions have been gradually becoming more detailed coupled with capabilities such as touch technologies commonly found in today's smart phones. Computers have adapted these to stay relevant in the era of the handheld devices and have also become touch screens and more interactive in their displays. The future of resolution is still ongoing as many programs like online masters of computer science teach students new ways to advance technologies like these.

Competing with Smart Technologies
Technologies across other platforms have greatly influenced the development cycle of computers. As tablets and smart phones become more prevalent for the sake of convenience, computers have altered their image in numerous ways. One such way is through the smaller notebook models, as well as many new models featuring detachable screens for multiple functionalities.

The accumulated advancements in technology have produced numerous expectations from the users. What was once used solely for word processing and emailing, is now being used for more advanced functions such as server hosting, media development, entertainment, and much more. Along with this comes more advanced software to streamline processes, thus increasing the amount of data flow and continuing the technological push.

Computer evolution and technological advancement come hand in hand, as one puts the other into practice and creates more opportunity for development. This process does not come easy, however, as the production and coding of these technologies are not easily learned.

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INFOtainment News

Contributing authors to the INFOtainment News team. Let us know if you'd like to contribute as well.

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