Innovative Apps That Did Change The Online World As We Know It

Nowadays, the only thing that is needed for a person to be an innovator is an idea. This is true in business and in basically anything we do. If there is anything that history taught us it is that those that came up with an idea first were the main beneficiaries of that.

Since we have access to so many professional development services like Magora developers, the idea is now all that is needed as the specialists will create the app for the client. In order to highlight why innovation is key, here are some apps that did change the online world as we know it. You most likely know many of them.


Uber appeared in 2009 and was incredibly successful from the start. The simplicity of the application and the fact that we finally had an answer to the needs of so many while avoiding the private ownership seen in transportation was huge. So many users now utilize Uber in many countries in order to get a taxi based service or to arrange some longer trips all from the mobile phone. We should also mention Airbnb here since it is seen by many as being the Uber app of bed and breakfast spots.


Most people do not know this as they are focused on getting great new apps on their phones, like beer enthusiasts apps or who knows what applications. When smartphones initially appeared, they were not capable of offering caller ID. Because of this, True Technology used crowdsourced data and even social media in order to offer caller ID. We have around 100 million users now and most of them are located in India.


Square Cash allows the users to pay family members, service providers and friends with the use of email. This basically changed how the online financial transactions were made. Mobile payments became mainstream because of this app and there are even people that receive donations these days with it. Financial transactions are much easier online because of the invention of Square.


Who doesn’t know Tinder? The app appeared because some teenagers had fun and an idea to create a different dating portal. Now it ended up being huge for those under thirty and the biggest appeal that was noticed was immediacy. Thanks to Tinder speed dating took it one step forward and is now possible with the use of smartphones. People are definitely flirting differently now because of Tinder.


Netflix changed the movie industry and Spotify definitely managed to do the exact same thing in the music industry. The application appeared before the popular iPhone appeared, which is one thing that few people actually know. Mashable said that this app was perfect for the state of the music economy and this was definitely the case.

We can definitely mention many other apps and it is hard not to find some that did revolutionize something. Using bespoke services means that you just need an idea. Once you have it, try to make it reality. You never know when your idea turns into an app that would make this list.

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