When it comes to tchotchke items – also known (and easier to pronounce) as promotional swag – the days of tacky lanyards and mouse pads are (mostly) long gone. In our ever-evolving digital age, promotional giveaways generally reflect little more than a forgettable product with your company’s logo slapped on it. While this isn’t a completely useless option to take, there are a host of other items in the world of promotional swag just waiting to bear your brand and actually get used by the recipient.

Below are a few to keep in mind when budgeting for your next promotional outing.

Hand Sanitizer

Moms love it, kids can play with it and the next flu virus may be warded off through its use. Hand sanitizer is the next best thing when someone can’t get to soap and water, so you may as well have your company’s name on something someone comes across as much as their car keys. From pen sprayers to the traditional flip-top squeeze bottle, promoting your brand in this way applauds good health, mobility and is liable to make the cut when the junk drawer gets cleaned out.

Lip Balm

It seems like they’re always in high demand. Lip moisture is probably up there with people’s affinity for coffee and the easiest traffic route, and slapping your company name on one of them can be a smart business move. Giving away promotional lip balm is yet another affordable and prudent move in the swag department since it’s an item folks like to hang onto and actually use — likely making your return on investment a profitable one.

USB Drives (Done Right)

Sure, USB flash drives seem outdated or obsolete in the promotional sphere, but that’s largely due to a lack of creativity in how a company designs them. They remain very much in demand (people still need to deliver extremely large files like presentations with 100 slides, that can’t be emailed); yet tend to get discarded as a giveaway because their aesthetic is predictable and uninspiring. There are a bevy of ways to make USB flash drives stand out from design and customization to disguising them as toys and utilizing unexpected materials like wood, marble or stainless steel. Companies like Maikii even offer a non-binding quote system allowing companies to experiment with various designs without having to commit to a bulk purchase order.


Throwing it back a bit to the age old exercise of manually scribing with pen and paper, people still enjoy physically writing things out — and in style. Moleskins are a perfect way to adhere to this while conveniently boosting your brand awareness. They’re way nicer than spiral bound notepads, showing your company values good taste, tradition and art. Yes, we are a digitally driven society, but much can be said about still utilizing novelty items like these. You’ll want your company attached to that sentiment.


You want people eating up your swag. And now they can, literally. Capture people’s attention by adhering to their hunger pains during long trade show hours and events by putting your brand on bags of peanuts, pretzels, popcorn, candy and whatever else you think potential clients would want to get their hands and taste buds on.

Reusable Bags

In line with any environmentally conscientious trend, reusable bags are an effective way to show the public your company cares not only about growing your business, but also about our planet. Great for grocery shopping or just toting around miscellaneous items from meeting to meeting, reusable bags are likely to become an everyday essential alongside car keys and laptop bags. Carted all over and seen by many, these nifty, eco-friendly sidekicks can pervade your brand.

Don’t miss out on what’s becoming more popular in the promotional swag arena just because you’re hung up on key chains and golf umbrellas. There’s a limitless world of fun, giveaway pieces out there – all with the potential to amplify your brand’s reach.

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