80% nutrition & 20% sports – staying fit & healthy

[dropcap]W[/dropcap]e all have heard this before: Getting a dream body in a couple of days with little effort and just a few changes. Well – that’s a promise no one can keep! Because first of all, a dream body is always a thing of definition, and changes always go hand in hand with a bit of effort. So let’s focus on the “bit” …

Changing your diet – become a “flexitarian”

Like the headline of this short article already states, 80% of living a healthier and fitter life depends on the food you eat. No news here, as well. But then again, most of the people wanting to lose weight are being brainwashed by the food industry, the marketing industry, as well as certain food philosophies. Vegan, for instance. No eggs, no meat, no dairy products … not to mention, that these guys do not touch anything which is made of or comes from animals. Well … good for them! Eating a vegetarian diet seems to be the compromise. But compromises always mean that you have to renounce something you like.

So why not simply change your way of perspective? First of all, you do not have to look like a pro athlete to feel good. Slowly losing a couple of pounds and actually keeping this weight is already pretty cool. Instead of eating cheap, fast-food meat every day, chose to treat yourself to a nice, regionally produced and mouth-watering steak once a week. A plant based diet is actually really tasty and diverse, once you put your mind to it. And start juicing! One or two fresh vegetable juices – one in the morning and one when you come home – work wonders. So being a flexitarian means that you eat what you want, but in a very self-conscious and eco-conscious way.

A bit of sports along the way …

So let’s have a look on the other 20%: Sports! 20 minutes, six times a week and you are more than covered! And “sport” actually means getting your heart pumping and moving as many muscles as possible, which also includes making love! So if we take a look at the VIP escorts, who entertain wealthy gentlemen – they actually work out while pampering their clients with the sensual escort service they provide. Of course this is just an example and might be a bit far-fetched, but you get the idea. There are some very effective and fun work out plans on the net, which totally do the trick.

Motivation – the most difficult thing to master

Should have, would have, could have … these little words often stand in the way of living a healthier and fitter lifestyle. The thing is not to put yourself under too much pressure and set your expectations too high. If you work out only 10 minutes two times a week and instead drink a fresh vegetable juice a day – well done! Just take it step by step. The longer you’ll walk down that path, the better you will feel.

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