Every healthy eating post you come across will focus on how it affects your health. The reasons are obvious, but eating healthily isn’t always about keeping fit or losing weight. Sure, they are happy by-products, yet there is more to life. After all, why would you spend all that money just to lose a few pounds? You wouldn’t if you didn’t have ulterior motives. Here are a few reasons why you want to consider eating healthily other than for your health.

#1: Raise Awareness Of The Products

The more people that eat healthy products, the more popular they become. And, when they get popular, they end up on the shelves in big supermarket chains. Take Hampton Creek as a prime example. In the early days, they would only frequent small to medium sized stores if they were lucky. Now, CEO Josh Tetrick is looking to move into Walmart and Target. The reason behind this move is the popularity of the product. When this happens, you don’t have to go out of your way to eat healthy foods. Plus, the cost could drop as a result. Raising awareness of a product is always a good thing for the consumer.

#2: Reduce Animal Cruelty

The sad fact about foods that aren’t organic is that the animals suffer before they die. Some people might say they are going to die, so why worry? You worry because you are a decent human being who doesn’t want to see anyone or thing suffer. When you eat meat that isn’t free range, you are adding to the cruelty. No one likes to hear it, but it is true. By eating organic meat and produce, you will reduce the need to slaughter animals. And, that means fewer animals will suffer as a result. Just think about battery hens or calves the next time you are eating your dinner.

brainfood pyramid#3: Save The Environment

Eating organic produce has an indirect impact on the environment. As everyone knows, the planet is getting warmer. One reason for this is greenhouse gases, gases of which animals like cows are a big contributor. Cows are a major source of meat for most people, and there are millions of them around the world. With a reduction in the number of cows thanks to organic produce, the greenhouse gas effect would lower. As a result, the environment wouldn’t take as much of a hammering as it does at this minute.

#4: Enhance Your Lifestyle

What is great about a healthy diet is that it permeates throughout your entire lifestyle. Before you know it, you will do healthy things out of habit. Although they have nothing to do with food, they occur as a consequence of your diet. When you start to see that have an impact on your life, you are willing to make more changes. To some people, this will seem silly. But, a decent diet can lead to therapeutic benefits such as more exercise and sleep. On the whole, your lifestyle will benefit dramatically.

If you think that eating healthy is a myth, then you should think again.

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