Team building is a really important part of any business. When you invest in team building, your business can improve ten fold. Your team get to know each other better, build up a rapport that can help their work, and learn how to best interact. There are so many benefits you can get from investing in team building. These fun team building ideas are great for all types of business:

Sports Games

Playing sports can help bring your team together, whether you plan it yourself or work with a team building company to help you. You can play all kinds of sports games, from football to netball. As long as you have rules to keep the games friendly – you never know if you have some extra competitive employees on your team.

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Fun Runs

Fun runs encourage everybody to work together to finish the race. As you enter as a team, you will need to finish as a team. This means you can’t leave anybody behind. There are fun runs for all abilities. Some of them a bit like an obstacle course, others where you’ll need to swim through thick mud in the freezing cold. Challenges like this will always help your team to grow!

Corporate Events

Attending corporate events allows your team to socialise and learn more about the industry you’re in. You can give talks on your own business too, if you like. It’s really easy to get to them too, when you have transportation options like corporate bus rental from GOGO Charters.

Communication/Ice Breaker Games

Communication and ice breaker games are brilliant because they allow your team to learn more about one another without getting their hands dirty. They don’t cost anything either, so you could do them whenever! One great idea is to get each employee to make up two lies about themselves and tell one truth. Then everybody has to ask questions and work out what the truth is. This will allow all employees to get to know one another and have fun in the process.

Food Making

Food making can be a lot of fun, and there are lots of classes out there depending on what your team would prefer. You could make chocolate, for example. If your team would rather go the alcoholic route and have a little fun, there’s even cocktail making.

Treasure Hunt

Treasure hunting is a popular team building activity because other skills are developed alongside the team building. It usually involves reading maps, finding coordinates and solving clues.

Quiz Evenings

Quiz evenings are not only a good team building activity, they can be a good night out for your team too. It’s up to you if you think it would be appropriate to include drinks and food.

Team building activities can be as formal or as informal as you like. Make sure you consider what you think will work best for your team and what suits your industry before making your decision. You could even try a bit of everything to see what works and what doesn’t. An office poll could help you to make your decision!

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