Dogs VS Cats: Which Makes The Best Family Pet?

The battle between dogs and cats runs so deep that it’s entered our language. You’re either a “dog person” or a “cat person” – whatever that means. Today we’re not going to debate the qualities of the people identifying themselves as being in either of those categories. Instead, we’re going to look at the facts. We want to know which is better for family life: a dog or a cat?

Cats Require Less Maintenance

Cats are famously independent. And this means that by and large, they are also self-sufficient. Cat owners don’t need to take their cats for walks; they walk themselves. That’s in sharp contrast to dogs, who often require a couple of walks a day.

Then there is the fact that cats only need their litter trays emptying every week or so. Dogs, on the other hand, need a person escort every time they want to go to the toilet, which can get annoying, especially in the winter. The amount of time that dogs take to exercise and maintain means that they are not, in many ways, the ideal family pet. So much time goes into meeting their basic needs that you end up eating into the time you’d like to spend with your family.

Dogs Don’t Massacre The Wildlife

If one thing is a blot on the reputation of cats, it’s their insatiable habit for killing garden birds. And when you consider that they don’t need to do this to eat, you’re left wondering what is really going on in their heads. Yes, there is the odd dog that will chase a flock of geese. But dogs aren’t usually serious. They just want to mess around. Cat are serious, and that’s a little scary, especially when you have to live with them. It’s especially scary for kids, who don’t often appreciate their cat bringing them the severed head of a bird. Especially when that bird that was chirping, just hours ago, in the garden.

Dogs Require A Lot Of Food

When you’ve got a growing family, feeding it can be a mission. But add a dog to the mix, and suddenly your food bill goes up again. Some breeds of dog grow to be very large indeed and, as a result, need more food than cats. Learn more here. Those on a tight budget, beware.

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Kids Can’t Cuddle The Cat

It’s important for kids to have tactile contact with both people and animals. And kids can hug the dog all day long. The cat? Not so much. Cats aren’t exactly the friendliest of animals towards children. Sure, they tolerate kids. But dogs positively love children, and children love them back.

husky dog


Dogs Are Annoying

I’m not sure if you’ve ever tried to eat a family meal with a dog in the house. But if you haven’t, you’re not missing out. Dogs might be boisterous and interested in you. But they’re doubly boisterous and interested when it comes to your food. Unless you lock them away, you’ll have to get used to them looking up at you with their pining eyes, begging for a few scraps from the master’s table. And while this is OK every once in awhile, every day is too much.

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