Your Guide to a Weekend in New York City

When you only have one weekend to spend somewhere, taking it all in can be daunting. New York City will always be one of the most popular places to visit in the US. But most people choose to stay more than a couple of days. If you only have a weekend in the city, out of choice or necessity, you can still do a lot in the short time you’re there. You can try to pack in as much as possible or take a more relaxed approached and go wherever your feet take you. With a full 48 hours, you can still see the city.

Find a Hotel Deal

Before you do anything else, you need somewhere to stay. Where you choose to be is important because you can cut down on travel time. If you’ve already thought about what you want to do and see, you can choose your accommodation accordingly. You don’t need to be in the heart of the action. You might choose somewhere near a convenient subway stop or even a place where it’s easy to get a taxi to wherever you want to go. Since you’re only there for a couple of nights, saving with a site such as Hotwire is a good idea. You can browse the hotels on offer and decide what works best for you.

Empire State Building


Decide Where to Eat

Since you don’t have a lot of time, you might not want to spend a long time looking for places to eat. Some people are happy to wander around and choose somewhere that takes their fancy. However, if that’s not for you, you can find some places in advance. You could just pick a general area where you can decide on the day where you want to eat. For example, the East Village and Williamsburg are favorites among foodies. Another option is to choose your restaurants and book tables for your meals. If it’s more of a casual eatery, you can just right down the name and walk in on the day.

See All the Usual Sights

If it’s your first time in NYC, you might want to get all the tourist attractions out of the way. Even if you already feel familiar with them, seeing them in person can still be impressive. Make a list of the top ones you want to see so you can plan out how to get to them all. If you want to see lots of things at once, using a hop-on, hop-off tour bus service is a good idea. You could also book a private sightseeing tour that will take you to all the sights.

Statue of Liberty


Wander Without Direction

Alternatively, you might not want to plan such an action-packed day. If slow travel is more your thing, you can just see where you end up. Start walking or get on the subway and travel to wherever you feel like. You could discover somewhere you would never have seen if you were sightseeing.

You can’t see everything in only a weekend, but it’s enough time to get a taste of New York. You can make a plan for what to see next time you’re there.

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