What We Can Expect in Cyber Security in 2016

Online security protocols and platforms are making significant strides every day, but the malware programs and hackers that they are combating also continue to refine and reconfigure their techniques at a similar pace. In 2016, cyber security experts are preparing for a greater number of successful attacks on personal and business computers, but they have a few tricks of their own. Here are a few predictions about the cyber security industry as 2016 begins.

Malvertisements Will Be Diminished As a Security Threat

Malware advertisements have been one of the largest thorns in the side of many information technology professionals for the last decade or more—however, there are signs that their power to disrupt and pillage information may be waning. Ad blocking software is extremely popular, and its usage in the United States in particular is on the rise. Nearly half of all internet users in the U.S. use some form of ad blocking software, which will have a serious effect on online advertising business models and the parasitic malvertisement programs that exist as a result of them.

Enhancements in Federal Cybersecurity Law

One of the greatest triumphs for cybersecurity experts everywhere will be the increased willingness of the government to legislate practical, applicable laws to safeguard internet users from fraud, data theft and false payment schemes. International cooperation and data sharing between nations will target active hackers and restore a measure of security to many corners of the World Wide Web.

More Businesses Will Hire Data Protection Officers (But Not Enough)

As data becomes more valuable and simultaneously more vulnerable to outside forces, businesses will begin to realize the necessity of hiring an employee specifically tasked with designing a data protection system. According to a web security consultant with an online master in criminal justice degree, new data security regulations in the United States call for a higher standard of data integrity protection. As hacking attacks grow more sophisticated, smart businesses will realize that they cannot handle the entire threat in-house. These businesses will go on the attack against hackers, mainly by using threat intelligence strategies, rather than playing ineffective defense and waiting for trouble to come to them.

Malware Mobile Apps on the Rise

Cyber security experts will have their hands full trying to stem the tide of harmful apps being created and distributed overseas. Mobile malware is not as big of a problem currently in the United States, but the proliferation of third-party app vendors in places like China does not bode well for the ability of cyber security experts to control the rise of these apps.

Cyber security is still a relatively new frontier, but it is gradually shifting from a reactionary field to a proactive field. Exciting new policies and techniques will make 2016 a very interesting year to be an active user of the internet, and an even more interesting year to be an online security expert.

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