Wayne Manor vs Fortress of Solitude

People have been debating over who is better, Batman or Superman, since they both first appeared in comics. Some may be more interested in who has the most captivating storylines or the coolest gadgets, while others may be more interested in who has the best home. THIS infographic is for the latter!!

Here we’ve put ourselves into the mind of a realtor in the DC Comics universe to try and figure out which of these two giants of the comic book world has the coolest bachelor pad. To do this we’ve looked at the history of the Fortress of Solitude and Wayne Manor to see which has the most impressive features, the best location, and the most potential for the non-superhero buyer.

While we’ll leave it up to you to decide which residence you’d prefer, we can tell you that both would be an absolute nightmare to heat.

Wayne Manor vs Fortress of Solitude by Cast Iron Radiators 4u
Wayne Manor vs Fortress of Solitude by Cast Iron Radiators 4u.

Wayne Manor vs Fortress of Solitude 2
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