Remember when you were a kid and you’d always dream about having your own place? The dream always involved having friends round and staying up all night watching television and playing video games. Well, now you’re all grown up (presumably). You’ve got your own place; now you can make the dream happen.

A friend who calls you up and invites you to a gathering involving sports, games and beer is a friend who’s hard to say no to. Make sure you’re that friend by arranging an awesome night in.


I don’t want to encourage a dangerous drinking culture here. But let’s face it: a bit of alcohol relaxes you and helps you feel more at home. Of course, this could end up being quite expensive if you’ve invited a lot of people round. The best thing to do is meet your friends at the halfway point between ‘beer provided’ and ‘BYOB’. Advise them all that you’ve got the booze in, but that it’s not unlimited. First come, first served! Some of them are sure to bring some more drinks to share. Make sure you’ve got some drinking water ready for serving, though!


Make Sure Your Sporty Night In Is Perfect 2

You’ve got a few options when it comes to food. The classic option is takeout pizza. Places like Pizza Hut will also do smaller items like garlic bread and cookies. How exactly you go about providing the food is another matter. Trying to get it all in before people arrive sounds like a perfect host move, but it might not be as smart as it sounds. If people are late, then they’re getting cold pizza! It might be easier to order everything as soon as everyone has arrived. That way it can be served hot. It’s also much easier to coordinate what everyone wants to order when you’re all in the same room!


watching TV

If you’ve all come round to watch some sports, then you need to ensure you’ve got the right setup. If you don’t have Sky Sports football available on your network, for example, then you may have made a terrible mistake! Whatever you’re all hoping to watch, make sure you’ve got the channel you need. If it’s pay-per-view, ensure you’ve made the order before everyone arrives! If you really want to add some extra kick to the viewing experience, invest in some home cinema equipment.



Most multiplayer gaming occurs over the Internet these days. It’s sometimes hard to remember that we all used to sit in the same room with multiple controllers hooked up to one console! But if you ask me, it’s still the best way to play games with friends. Whatever console you’ve got, make sure you’ve got enough controllers to go around. That home cinema suggestion earlier will come in handy here, too; the bigger the screen, the better everyone sees what they’re doing! Make sure you have a good variety of games. There are a lot of new games that will fit the bill, such as Street Fighter V and PES 2016. Don’t forget some of the cult classics, though! Mashed is still one of the best times you can have with four controllers.

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Contributing authors to the INFOtainment News team. Let us know if you'd like to contribute as well.

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