2 Reasons Why the Clothes You Wear Affect Your Health

Does anybody need an excuse to wear certain kinds of clothes? Perhaps not, but the fact that what you wear does have a great impact on your health might inspire to take greater care, or even switch up your wardrobe entirely.

There is something psychological about that pair of jeans that fits perfectly, or that dress that hits you in all the right places. For men, there’s something about a great button up shirt and shoes that make you feel established and put together. If you sit around in your house with your PJ’s on too long, you start to feel a little bit down. Could this be a direct effect of the clothes you’re wearing? Perhaps. It most definitely plays a part in the game.

Here are 2 reasons the clothes you wear affect your health:

They Reveal How You Feel About Yourself

A person can most definitely wear a color just because they like it, but the cause of choosing a certain color over another goes much deeper than that. Every choice in life is made through a psychological motive. The motives are often underlying, and while a person chooses to wear black unconsciously, the reason might be defined by the fact that they think that black is slimming or that it is classy.

Clothing can be used as an ally or a weapon. For the woman who wants to dress to show off her body to get a man, the clothing is being used as an ally and a weapon. An ally to her, a weapon of sorts against him.

A person forced to wear a work uniform that doesn’t compliment them well can have a direct effect on their performance. To a man or woman who doesn’t feel confident in what they’re wearing, emotions get involved, and health is directly affected.

They Affect You Physically

Fashion has gone through every evident change throughout the years. Can you imagine when everyone was constantly required to be fully covered head to toe, the men wore tights that restricted everything, and the women wore corsets and trained their waists to be smaller than could ever be healthy? Ribs were broken in the name of fashion. The same went for centuries for women’s feet in China. Their feet were bound and not allowed to grow because small feet were thought beautiful.

While today’s fashions aren’t as drastic to an individual’s health, the fabrics you choose to wear most definitely are. Some fabrics are healthier than others because they allow your body to breathe. Others that are synthetic are not only harmful to the environment, the chemicals used to make them can be very harmful when in contact with your skin.

While you might think that all clothes are created equal, you would be very wrong. Clothing plays a huge part in how we feel about ourselves psychologically and physically. Everything is not as simple as previously thought. Be aware, and the next time you dawn that red dress, or you put on that tie that makes you feel like a million bucks, evaluate why. You’ll learn something about yourself.

2 Reasons Why the Clothes You Wear Affect Your Health 3
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  1. It’s so true. I mean I always had a reason when I picked the colors in my clothing. Never did I dress without thinking about it first. And the first question was always: “How do I feel today?”.

  2. Its just that how you feel wearing the clothes. Obviously if you are feeling good in your clothes, You will have a good day and a healthy mood too. I use GTA V to make my mood good. Gonna try that trick too

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2 Reasons Why the Clothes You Wear Affect Your Health 17

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