Forensic science has developed to the point where it has dramatically changed every aspect of crime scene investigations. The process of solving crimes has become increasingly futuristic, and new technologies are arising on a regular basis. Forensic technologies have become so prevalent, they are help to solve crimes in ways that were previously deemed impossible.

Modern Robotics Development

Laboratories like Hudson Robotics create robotic technologies that can aid in forensic investigations. Everything from dried blood spot processors to microscopic tests are now used in the lab to help scientists perform advanced functions. Many companies are beginning to specialize in automation, and the methods and practices used today are much more advanced than they were in the past. Certain processes like liquid handling in laboratories have been made robotic and more automated for faster and more accurate results.

Alternative Light Photography

The ability to quickly determine how much physical damage a victim has suffered can make a difference in the outcome of the entire situation. This technology is used by forensic nurses to see the damage before it becomes visible on the skin in the form of a bruise. It shows bruising beneath the skin's surface, which makes it easier to treat patients quickly. The technology has been used to save people's lives, and continues to develop into an increasingly accurate technology.

Video Spectral Comparator

This device is invaluable to crime scene investigators since the machine can be used to see hidden writing. It can also be used to detect writing that has faded away over time. This machine is able to lift indented writing, which can be a vital source of clues in an investigation. People who want to operate these machines need to have special training, and must possess at least a bachelor's degree.

Three-Dimensional Facial Reconstruction

One of the more interesting technologies available offers the ability to reconstruct human remains and create the original physical appearance. The technology hasn't been perfected yet, but provides a worthwhile technology for forensic scientists to get a better understanding of an expired crime scene.

Magnetic Fingerprinting

Crime scene investigators can get a better idea of the owner of any fingerprints left at a crime scene with new magnetic testing. The investigators can run an immediate match against fingerprints in an extensive database and also makes it possible to get a perfect fingerprint impression without having to worry about contamination.

As technology continues to improve, investigators will have more tools at their disposal to bring criminals to justice. The technology is also used in academic settings and anthropologists are able to get a deeper look into artifacts in a non-destructive way.

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Contributing authors to the INFOtainment News team. Let us know if you'd like to contribute as well.

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