What’s Being Done with Medical Laser Treatments Today?

Laser treatments today use focused light and powerful beams to shape diamonds, cut steel, and perform medical procedures. Lasers are able to be tuned to specific wavelengths that are suitable for specific surgeries, and it’s an extremely accurate way of performing effective medical procedures that help patients to live healthier lives. Since a laser can be used to make very precise cuts, they are perfect for use in a variety of medical situations. Patients who undergo laser surgery also recover faster, experience less pain, and generally have reduced scarring.

Lasers Help Fight Cancer

Cancer comes with many symptoms and in many parts of the body. Certain types can even be treated with lasers. While there is currently no method of using a laser that can completely cure cancer, many of the symptoms that come along with it can be treated. Lasers are used to raise the temperature of cancer cells, which works to damage and destroy them. These cancerous cells are then shrunk and in some cases, it can be used to reduce the effects of cancer. Laser treatments are available to help treat the early stages of several types of cancer, including cervical cancer, penile cancer, vulvar cancer, vaginal cancer, basal cell skin cancer, and non-small cell lung cancer.

Removing Kidney Stones

Kidney stones can be extremely painful, but with the use of lasers, it’s possible to reduce the pain and treat the condition. Lasers can be used without needing to create an incision and use the urethral orifice as the main entry point. This procedure has a high success rate. The surgery involves inserting an instrument less than 2mm in diameter while micro-baskets and laser fibers are then used to break up the stones making them easier to pass.

Prostate Surgery

Victims of prostate cancer can have portions of the prostate removed using laser surgery. This helps to reduce the effects of prostate cancer, and in some cases can remove cancerous growths. The surgery is relatively non-invasive compared to traditional methods and can greatly help improve the symptoms associated with prostate issues.

Repairing a Detached Retina

The retina can sometimes become weakened and detached. By using a laser, the surgeon can weld the retina to the underlying eye wall. This procedure is used to prevent further retinal detachment, and can help prevent blindness in patients.

Laser Eye Surgery

LASIK is perhaps one of the best-known surgeries for treating eye conditions with lasers. Using a laser, the eye is reshaped and corrected to improve the vision in your eyes. This can completely eliminate the need for contacts or glasses. Good candidates for LASIK eye surgery in Utah and other states have to meet certain qualifications, but the surgery can be life-changing for those who qualify. Great advancements have been made in LASIK surgery procedures, and are known as a very safe and effective method to improve eyesight.

Lasers to Cauterize Wounds

Lasers can also be used to seal wounds to prevent them from bleeding, or to seal them off for protection. They may be used to seal nerve endings so patients will experience less pain after a surgery. Blood vessels can also be sealed using a laser so there is less blood loss in patients who have suffered traumatic blood loss. Lymph vessels may also be sealed to help reduce swelling and it can also prevent the spread of tumor cells.

The decision to get laser treatment for your particular condition is a personal one that should be discussed with your doctor. Laser treatments have helped millions of people, and it’s considered a safe and effective way to live a healthier and more fulfilling life. Ultimately, lasers offer a way to perform procedures more safely than with traditional surgical methods.

What's Being Done with Medical Laser Treatments Today? 3
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  1. […] Lasers have been used in medicine for all kinds of reasons for years. Only recently have we been able to see the ways this technology can be used against the dread of cancer. Whilst there are no forms of cancer that can be fully eradicated with lasers yet, we have begun to see the application of the tech in treating symptoms. Lasers are able to target and heat up identified cancer cells in the body. This can cause great damage and even destroy the cancer cells entirely. Lasers are able to help in treating many early forms of cancer like penile, vulvar, vaginal cancers and more. […]

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What's Being Done with Medical Laser Treatments Today? 7

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