Father and Son Bonding Activities

Bonding with a teenager can seem nearly impossible as many teens do not want to spend their free time with their parents. It is important to bond with your teen but it is also important not to force it on them. The more that spending time is forced on a teen the more they might pull away and become hostile to the idea of spending time with you. The following are just some parent and son bonding activities you can try.

Take a Trip With Just The Two Of You

With larger families it is possible that you’ve never spent an extended period of time alone with your son. Brothers and sisters can take attention from your son but having a trip with just the two of you gives the opportunity for you to learn about your son and them to learn about you. This can be something as simple as going to a theme park or going out of town to see their favorite band or sports team. Once before your son moves out on their own or while they are on break from college you should take a trip with just the two of you, it might be something that neither of you ever forget!

Renovation Project

Renovation projects can be a blast to do with your son permitting he is not easily frustrated. Making sure to have the right tools and equipment for the job can help eliminate arguments over what can be used instead. Making sure to look up the best tools for the job whether it is the best cordless drill or wrench as the highest quality tools should be used for safety and efficiency reasons. Take on a small project at first and you and your son can build up to a larger one if you want. These types of projects build skills that he’ll be able to use forever while also spending time together.

Take Up A Hobby They Are Interested In

Each teen has a hobby or something that they are passionate about. Taking the time to learn about this and be able to talk about this interest will mean the world to your teen. This could be a sport that they play and becoming involved by going to games or even playing a pickup game. A shared hobby can last throughout a lifetime and bring a parent and their son closer than they have ever been before.

Fishing Trip

There is nothing more relaxing than going on a fishing trip. Whether you rent a boat or go out on a charter an epic fishing weekend can turn anyone into a fanatic. Even just going fishing once a month is a tradition that you and your son can keep going for years to come. There are plenty of overnight charters that have rooms that can be slept in and fishing goes on 24 hours a day if you’d like. That option is for the seasoned fishing fanatic. Going fishing means you have to have decent equipment, no more just fishing line attached to a stick…You want to have the best baitcaster you can get so do your research.

Take time to bond with your son while he is a teenager and throughout his life. Obviously it is impossible to spend all of your free time with your child on an individual basis if you have a big family but just some alone time with them once in a while can go a long way. All you can do is try to bond and let your teenager decide!

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Fantastic article and best content , really appreciate thanks for your sharing !!!!!

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