Game Play – This War of Mine

I’m always on the look out for a fun new game to play on my iPhone.  Now that I have  the iPhone 6S Plus, the screen is large enough to better enjoy complex and busy games on the small screen.  While I have an iPad (it’s an old iPad2), it was never one of my favorite gaming devices due to convenience.  I always have my phone but I rarely tried to carry around the iPad (unless for some specific, short term purpose).

The point is, I like the iPhone for gaming and I’ve recently checked out an older game that I wanted to share – It’s called “This War of Mine” and it retails for, gulp, $14.99 (right now) –  I bought it on sale for $4.99 in December and it appears that the game fluctuates in price every now and then.  If I see it on sale I’ll tweet it out from @lagilliland1.

The game premise is that you control a group of civilians who are trying to survive in a war torn city.  You must gather food, fix up your shelter, acquire medication, keep your people from getting depressed and several other things just to survive.  I’ve played 4 of 5 times and have yet to get beyond 13 or 14  days, which is both really frustrating and definitely adds to the replay capability of the game.  The frustration stems from a couple things.  First, you get to know the characters a bit and feel sad/frustrated when you cannot help them survive.  They can die from starvation, sickness, get killed by other people, freeze or several other ways.  Second, the game is somewhat slow in terms of being able to rush jobs or speed up time.  I find myself wanting to be able to set my crew to a series of tasks and then speed up the clock while I wait for them to finish.  I can end the daylight early (which is useful at times) but I cannot speed up a job – so the frustration is in the amount of time invested vs. the payoff for getting farther in the game.  If your group dies out, and you’ve invested a few hours, you may want to calmly set down your phone and go hit the heavy bag for a bit.

Despite all this and if you’re not offended by the F word (you see this right away in the game, painted on a rock), I’d highly recommend you take a look at this game.

In addition, and unbeknownst to me at the time I started recording the below video, the dev team at 11 Bit Studios has recently released a second game entitled This War of Mine – The Little Ones.  If and when we get our hands on this title, we’ll share it with you.

Please see the video below for game play and additional commentary on “This War of Mine”


Game Play - This War of Mine 2
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