Ways To Get Rid of Cable and Save Money

The cable bill of many major providers skyrockets after the first year. There are those who are taken back by the price increase but it is almost not worth it because of the cancellation penalties. While there are people who just don’t watch TV, let’s be realistic as most people in our country watch TV on a regular basis. With technology emerging, it has become easier than ever to cut the cable and use alternatives to get the entertainment that you want.

Cut The Cable and Get Tickets

While this might not be the most financial friendly of plans, this is a reasonable solution to cutting the cable. If you are a sports fan of a struggling team but you keep cable to watch them play it can actually be cheaper to purchase season tickets for your team. Shorter seasons like that of the NFL can last up to 19 games if your team wins the Super Bowl. Regular season only boasts 8 home games so if you are paying $250 a month for cable just for football season that means you could spend up to $3000 on these tickets and break even if you cancel your cable. Another option is to watch the game at your favorite sports bar and with a $3000 budget, you won’t have to worry about an extra side or drink.


Netflix is easy to use and with a TV that is hooked up to the internet via a game console or it is a smart TV it can be accessed with just a push of a button. The drawback is that Netflix does eliminate shows after some time and the show are not all of the best quality. Netflix has had some series that they have produced that have taken the country by storm. They have announced that they will be coming out with more original show this year than ever before. Hopefully the quality of Netflix goes up, but if it doesn’t 8 dollars a month isn’t breaking the bank compared to a huge cable bill.

Other Streaming Services

Many people have heard of Hulu when talking about some of the top streaming services. There are other different programs and software that can be downloaded like Movietube 4.4 that allows you to download movies easily. These streaming services sometimes are free but they are becoming easier to use for those without a technical background. Check out some of these services as they can save you money and have you one step closer to cutting your cable completely.

Sports are really the only reason that cable companies have not been rendered useless. Most of the other shows and entertainment can be found somewhere online in a legal fashion. The cable bill can really add up as many providers tend to bundle everything including internet and phone to make it more financially feasible to get all 3 with one provider. Cut the cable and put a wireless router in your home and choose whatever phone plan you’d like. Saving money by cutting cable has never been easier than it is today.

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