3 Health Benefits from Green Space At Home

Humans are instinctively drawn to natural, green areas. Even if you have inhibitions about getting out in the dirty, buggy nature, simply viewing green plants can offer you health benefits. New studies are being produced that show gardening can be an effective means of staying healthy, by helping you burn over 19,000 calories in a summer season. Not to mention, gardeners often eat their own produce so their diet becomes considerably healthier, as well.

While you may not believe you have time for gardening and landscaping, it may be worth it for you to alter your schedule; and maybe cancel that gym membership. Even hiring a landscape company to design a thriving green space for your home can have benefits just by being viewable from your kitchen window. Included here are a few health benefits you will derive from having green space at home.


Emotional Boost

Studies have shown that neighborhoods that invest in landscaping and natural areas show reduced crime rates and greater overall satisfaction in residents. Green space creates a connectivity with a more primal instinct, making people happier and more self-confident.

In our overly stressed society, it makes sense that we are looking for calm. Taking time to bathe in natural light and look out into a lush green space can increase your overall sense of peace and lower your blood pressure. Inmates who had views into green spaces demonstrated greater peace and less confrontational tendencies.

Creating green space at home is easy enough, from country residents to city dwellers. Begin by keeping potted plants on window sills, succulents in the kitchen and peace lilies in your bathroom. For those with space outdoors, planting a small vegetable garden and keeping your lawn green will work wonders for your peace of mind.


Physical Fitness

With the calorie-killing evidence above, it is clear that spending time in your garden can help you maintain a healthy weight. The continuous bending, pulling and stretching required when pulling weeds is a workout in itself! Add to that the cardio from mowing, raking and digging, and you will find yourself in much better health with a beautified yard!

Studies have recently shown that store-bought produce is devoid of nutrients. This means, even though you are eating kale and spinach on a regular basis, the ground it is grown in is so devoid of nutrients it does not offer you any benefits. Growing your own produce can allow you to be connected to your soil quality, seed suppliers and healthy diet.


Community Involvement

Humans are social creatures, so it makes sense that isolation can take a toll on your overall health. By getting out into local green spaces, including your own yard, you can gain involvement with neighbors and other like-minded individuals. Community involvement creates a better support system for you and overall quality of life.

3 Health Benefits from Green Space At Home 2
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