Travelling the Worlds Mega Cities

Have you ever wondered about the price difference for a 3 star hotel in New York vs. one in Singapore? Or wondered what the difference would be for a taxi trip in London vs. Istanbul? We took a close look at some of the world’s greatest mega cities, London, Bangkok, Paris, Singapore, Dubai, New York and Istanbul to find out their popularity, green spaces, cost of living and consumption habits among other fun facts and general statistics.

Travel and Cost of Living

If you’re looking to travel on the cheap, then Bangkok is the place to be with an overall cheaper cost of living than the other cities. However if you’re looking to experience some of the world’s most iconic and popular cities, London, Paris, Dubai and New York will be right up your alley, with the most tourists and popular Facebook locations.

When it comes to actually travelling around these cities, London, Paris and New York have the largest amount of metro stations and London the most buses, while Dubai, has a very small number of both. On the other hand, New York, Paris and London all have the most expensive taxi fares, so this one will depend how you prefer to travel around the city.

Culinary Treats

While the cost of living is so much cheaper in Bangkok and Istanbul, if you’re looking for culinary treats on your travels, such as alcohol, London, New York and Paris have got you covered, considering they have the greatest alcohol consumption. If you’re a beer lover, New York and London will keep you good company, while wine lovers will find many like minds in Paris with over 46 litres consumed on average by each person, annually. However, if you’re simply looking for the cheapest alcohol around, then Bangkok is the place to be with the average price of beer around £1.00, a pretty big difference considering in Dubai it’ll cost you around £6.00.

If you’re not big on alcohol, or you are and you’re thinking about the next morning, there’s no better place to get a coffee than in Paris with over 8,000 café terraces in the city. They do however, have some of the most expensive coffee, compared with some of the other mega cities. Paris, New York and London are also the best places to be if you have a sweet tooth as the average person consumes over 68 grams of sugar per day in Paris, over 93 in London and a whopping 126g in New York, an astronomical amount compared to those in Bangkok who consume less than 30 grams a day.

Taking in the Culture and Sites

Shoppers on the other hand will be best suited to travelling to Istanbul as paired with a low cost of living and the Grand Bazaar, which houses over 3,000 shops, it’s the largest covered market in the world. If you’re all about soaking up the culture and taking in the sites, London and Paris should be your top destinations with 4 world heritage sites in both London and Paris, 13 national museums in London and 24 national museums in Paris. New York, Singapore and Istanbul only have 1 world heritage listed site, while Dubai and Bangkok don’t have any.

Read on to get the scoop on the greatest mega cities for travel.

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