Three Areas Many Businesses Benefit From Outsourcing

The culture in business these days is one that leans far more towards specialization than in the past. Most businesses exist within an ecosystem of other businesses that provide services to each other, which can allow many companies to stay lean and streamlined in terms of having only the people needed in house to do what it is their business actually does.

In the past, the bigger a company became, the more it started to need whole departments that dealt with things fairly far removed from what that business actually provided and sold, and the more such departments sprung up the more additional people were needed to support all the staff – for example departments to train the staff, departments to provide technical support to other staff, and people to manage the HR matters around employing so many people.

Why Outsourcing is On the Rise

As a business becomes large in this way, it can be easy for inefficiencies to go unnoticed, for processes to become unwieldy, and for large amounts of the companies resources like office space and technology to end up going to people who actually have nothing much to do with making the company money or providing anything to its end customers. Effectively, it can become a bloated behemoth with huge overheads, and a disjointed business culture where countless staff are in no way engaged with the company’s real mission. Indeed, outsourcing is on the rise, and to find the right service to make it happen one must choose a tested outsourcing support (like those from

This is why the modern way favors outsourcing things that need to be done for the business to operate to third party companies who specialize in that one area. This means the people providing these services are experts with streamlined processes and good quality assurance, and the staff carrying out the roles are managed, supported and housed by the supplier. This can work well in all kinds of areas of keeping a business going, for everything from copywriting through to accountancy, but here, we take a look at three of the most popular fields for outsourcing in growing medium sized businesses through to large scale corporations:


There are a lot of things that come under the banner of ‘IT’, but there is no escaping the fact that no matter how non-technical your products or services are, your staff and business are completely reliant on having suitable, available technology. This means hardware and software support, networking and infrastructure, and also having people who can identify the right changes to make in your use of IT to bring improvements to your business. This is before you even get on to the technology that helps you reach your customers, like your website. Even companies who provide IT solutions or services themselves, like software houses, sometimes outsource some things like network support or website management, so they can focus on their own specialisms.


People management is another fairly intensive area of operations that many businesses effectively outsource to specialist professional employer organization (PEO) companies. This can mean management of all kinds of areas including staff vacations, payroll, recruitment, expenses, appraisals and various other things that would otherwise be large time and management overheads for the company. Training can also fall under this category, particularly for non industry specific things like health and safety. Many companies find coping with the ins and outs of managing a large workforce and all of the policies and legal matters this involves difficult as they grow, and having a whole HR department in house to take care of them can often be far from cost effective, and also take away from the business’ main focus. This makes it a prime choice for outsourcing.

Customer Service

If a business provides products or services to a wide range of end users, particularly when those users are from the general public or are members of large client organizations, it can be a good option to outsource customer service in the form of call centers or online support staff. This is because managing contact centers is a discipline in its own right, and the infrastructure and accommodation for the staff needed to provide the level of customer service a business may need to offer to impress and retain customers is significant. By outsourcing to a professional customer service company who can train people in the product ranges, billing systems and other relevant things, a company can provide excellent customer support without having to manage all of those representatives or locate them on their own sites.

These are just three key business areas where outsourcing can offer a lot of benefits to modern growing companies.

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