How Should These 4 Businesses Market Online

Advertising online is essential in today’s business world because the days of looking up things in the phone book are over. There are companies that are far behind the tech curve and do not even have a website yet. Each industry and business does marketing differently and here are four businesses and how they should market online.


There are those who have no idea exactly what consultants do. For this reason online advertising in the forms of content marketing can be most effective for consultants in any industry. A content marketing campaign that focused around what a consultant could do for you is important. Many people do not know the benefits of hiring a consultant and this could be an early focus in their content marketing effort. They can answer questions in comments and possibly sign more clients. Hopefully a marketing consultant wouldn’t need any advice on how to market themselves!


Freelancers have to market themselves or else they might not be able to get any new work. There are freelancer marketplaces online where they can find work. Marketing online can be creating a page and having clients write testimonials and even give referrals for new work. A freelancer’s best bet is to produce great work as that can market itself and even lead to a full time position. Some freelancers will work on projects for years as a contractor and can always pick up extra work on the side. For a freelancer who does quality work, just a bit of marketing can be the difference between making good and great money.


With the introduction of Web MD and other such websites the more doctors need to market online and engage with perspective patients. Whether it is a question and answer session with a hashtag on Twitter or just replying to comment on article of the blog, doctors don’t need as much online advertising as they do engagement. Having a good SEO company helping the marketing efforts can help doctors as many times they are too busy or do not understand SEO. In smaller towns with fewer options for doctors, it becomes important to be active with locals on social media. This will help a doctor stand out from the rest in the area and can create a buzz that people talk about and word of mouth is a great type of marketing and advertising.


If you know of a personal injury attorney then the odds are they are spending quite a lot on PPC or Pay Per Click advertising. Google prices clicks out according to how competitive the keywords are. Personal injury lawyer will be more expensive than foreclosure attorney since more money is made from personal injury then in foreclosure cases. Lawyers often have a blog that they give advice on and this is the beginning stages of content marketing. Social media for lawyers is important as they can answer questions or get involved in discussing pertaining to legal events happening either locally or nationally.

Advertising and marketing online can exponentially grow a business. In the cases of doctors and lawyers, one conversion from this type of advertising could lead to a lifetime client or patient. Many people do not switch doctors unless they feel like their care is subpar and if lawyers win a case, the person or family will look to the lawyer as the first option for another similar case. Online marketing and advertising is a thing of the now and the future so get on board!

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