Making your home look elegant can be a difficult task, especially if you don’t really have much of a budget to work with. As it turns out, a few maintenance tips and minor changes can help give your home a clean, elegant boost to its aesthetic. Here are four quick, inexpensive ways to help improve your home’s elegance.

Housekeeping: An Uncluttered Environment is Important

Unless you opt to hire a cleaning service, one of the best ways to improve your home is a free task: Just clean up and declutter your home. Going through to vacuum and dust your home on a weekly basis can give it a more luxurious feel.

In addition to this, cleaning will get rid of the stains and other spots that appear on couches, rugs and other furniture. The end result will be a home that doesn’t look run down, shabby or damaged. Be sure to give your windows a thorough cleaning as well, so there is nothing blocking the natural light from pouring in to the room, giving it a welcoming feel.

Finally, cleaning on a regular basis will get rid of the common clutter within your home. Not only will you be able to find everything you need, but all your accessories and other home elements will stand out without being buried.

Rug Care: Vacuuming and Cleaning

A standard store-bought vacuum is generally fine to use on a carpet, but it can easily ruin a rug. Antique rugs have delicate fibers that can easily get pulled with a vacuum, causing a frayed appearance at the ends, marking obvious damage.

By exploring professional rug cleaning, you can benefit from repairs of any existing flaws already present in the rug. The contractors will catalog all problems found with the surface and can typically finish anything they come across. Their specializations include weaving, repairing and matching the styles of rugs from all around the world.

In addition to this, hiring a professional cleaner means you’ll also get a chance to get an appraisal for your rug. Knowing its worth can help in the long run if you ever want to sell the rug.

Hardwood: Easier Than Carpet

That said, as warm and comfortable as wall-to-wall carpeting might be, it doesn’t have the same kind of elegance as a home displaying hardwood floors does. Hardwood is a true classic, and it’s affordable for most homeowners these days.

Getting hardwood for the home isn’t the cheapest venture, but it’s a wise investment nonetheless. It’s a long-lasting material that has a great return on investment, especially if you ever intend to sell your home in the future. Another option would be to get laminate, but you’ll want the best on the market to ensure it lasts a long time and offers some form of elegance. In fact, the carpet might be a better option than laminate.

If you’re willing to go forward and get the most out of your money, then look through the different kinds of wood available since not all are made equally. For instance, oak and birch tend to cost less than cherry does. Darker colors are considered to be more luxurious in general, though adding a few area rugs regardless of wood type should help improve the design as a whole.

Paint: Color Matters More

When it comes to decorating a new room, it’s hard to pick which color of paint to apply to the walls. However, if your primary goal is to have elegance, then there are certain colors that can quickly add that touch of glamour you need in your home.

Consider one of the following two pairs: either bold with dramatic or soft, more subtle hues. These combinations give a home elegance, and the rest ultimately depends on your own personality for colors. It’s also a great idea to paint the inner doors black to make it feel more expensive.

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