Key Elements that Boost Sales

Companies go the distance for their sales professionals. In order to boost sales, there are key elements sales managers should include in their regular sales and marketing plans. These key elements include:

  • Comprehensive training for entry level sales staff
  • Regular support and guidance for sales professionals
  • Creating interactive sales teams
  • Sales training to meet quotas and goals
  • Providing sales incentives to boost sales

Sales Training – The All Important Element to Boost Sales

When new sales staff is hired, they need full orientation to the type of sales, products and services they will be required to sell. Orientation should also include full understanding of each aspect of the business. Orientation of entry level sales staff should be done during the probationary period of hiring. As the newly hired sales staff advances as trainees, they possess a keen understanding of the business of the company and how their sales training fits into the full picture. In this way, a solid sales foundation is created that results in increased sales.

Support and Guidance for Sales Professionals

Over time, even the most seasoned sales professionals begin to feel a need for support and guidance to refresh their sales skills. Companies are best served when they provide the very best corporate sales training to reinvigorate their top sales staff and boost sales.

These training sessions should include stellar sales performers from among the company’s top rated salespersons of the past and present. These individuals create a deeper sense of mentoring between the established sales people those who have reached the top of their rank and newer sales staff. Support and guidance may also include training videos and interactive portions of these sessions where sales professionals exchange ideas on techniques that work best. Sales training should be loosely structured according to sales skill levels.

Creating Interactive Sales Teams

To create interactive sales teams, each team member should consist of a team leader and team members at different sales skill levels. The objective of each team is quality control of their sales. Quality sales inevitably boost sales through better sales retention and resales. Whether these teams are involved in inside or outside sales, they are the first line of interaction with sales prospects and provide a wealth of information on specific locations of target markets and which pipelines are reaching saturation. This information should be discussed within the quality teams and provided to all sales personnel. There are a number of ways to keep sales communications open. Regular weekly meetings and daily emails, as well as sales reports accomplish a “give and take” style of communication between teams.

Sales Training to Meet Quotas and Goals

A special part of sales training should include a study of sales quotas and goals. Sales quotas differ from one company to the next and depend on the size of the sales staff. In small businesses, sales quotas are generally based on a pre-selected weekly or monthly quota.

With larger sales staffing, weekly quotas are tallied at the end of each week to determine which sales personnel meet and exceed quotas, as well as sales personnel who fall short of projected quotas.

Sales management should carefully monitor quotas and review results with each sales person. Setting sales quotas and goals are a key element to boost sales. This is especially true for larger companies with diverse products or services. Each product and service requires monitoring to gain insight into how sales are increasing. By setting sales quotas and goals, the top selling products and sales persons who achieve the greatest volume of sales are clearly visible.

Providing sales incentives to boost sales quotas and sales goals

Another key element to boost sales is the one that companies should not ignore: providing sales incentives to meet quotas and reach sales goals. All sales efforts should provide some sense of “reward” that encourages the sales staff to boost sales.

Key Elements that Boost Sales 3
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