Single Chamber Grinders

Using a single chamber grinder to prepare herbs before smoking or vaporizing supplies have more benefits over breaking them down by hand or with scissors. Herbs that have been prepared in a grinder are consistently better tasting, smelling and looking due to the uniform separation of their material. The herbs also maintain a higher level of potency due to a greater amount of exposed surface area and mitigated trichome depletion, which in turn leads to greater efficiency. These benefits ultimately result in cost savings as well, because there will be less squandered time and wasted herbs when using a grinder to prepare materials for smoking or vaporizing.

Anatomy of a Single Chamber Grinder

A single chamber grinder is a fundamental grinding accessory and a necessary part of any adequate herb preparation toolkit. They are comprised of two circular pieces of metal, plastic or wood, both of which possess sharp protrusions extending from their interior walls. These protrusions are referred to as teeth. When the two main pieces interlock, they create an enclosed chamber where herbs can be broken apart and stored as the grinder is used. Twisting the two sides in opposite directions operates the grinder, which forces the material inside to be filtered back and forth through the teeth. After a sufficient amount of rotations, the herbs are ground up into a soft, fluffy consistency, ready to be enjoyed.

Benefits of Ground Herbs

Herbs that have been prepared using a grinder are more appealing to the senses than those picked apart by hand or shredded with scissors. The light consistency of ground herbs allows the natural aromatics of the flowers to be released into the air and nostrils, mentally preparing users for a better experience. This occurs because a greater amount of the product’s surface area is exposed to the air. Breaking up buds by hand, however, tends to flatten and compress the flowers, making it harder for the smell to be released. Maintaining the flower’s aroma also means better tasting herbs, as the incorporation of olfactory stimulation enhances the experience felt by the taste buds during use.

Attempting to break down herbs by hand not only flattens them, but also strips them of their trichomes, which form a protective covering and contain an active ingredient that comes into play during smoking or vaporizing. The stickiness felt on one’s fingers after handling certain herbs is actually the presence of trichomes on the skin, meaning that at least part of the originally present active ingredient of the herb has been rendered unusable. Utilizing a grinder to break down herbs helps prevent trichomes, the active ingredient, from being wasted. This phenomenon, coupled with the increased amount of exposed surface area, enables herbs that have been ground in a single chamber grinder to be much more potent than herbs crumbled by hand.

Grinder Variables and Considerations

Single chamber grinders can be procured through most smoke shops and online retailers, and they come in a variety of colors, designs, materials and form factors. When purchasing a single chamber grinder, it is important to take the sharpness of the teeth into consideration, as well as other additional features certain grinders may possess. For instance, Kannastör® offers multiple single chamber grinders with clear tops, enabling users to maintain sight of the herbs in order to determine when the desired consistency has been achieved. Further information regarding single chamber grinders can be found on their website as well. The size of single chamber grinders can also vary, but a range of 1.5 inches to 3 inches is industry standard.

Without a doubt, herbs prepared in a single chamber grinder will be of far superior quality than those disassembled by hand or shredded with scissors. This superiority will be evident in the final experience for those enjoying the herbs through smoking or vaporizing.

Single Chamber Grinders 2
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