Fly Private Without Buying Your Own Plane

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When it comes to flying, most people will opt for the cheapest commercial airlines flight. After all, the cost of flying has gone up significantly over the past few years, so any way to save some money is always a plus.

However, just because you want to travel across the country or to a tropical island getaway doesn’t mean that you necessarily need to confine yourself to large crowds and long lines just to save some dough. Why not try something different and opt to fly on a private jet?

Years ago, there was basically one way that you could fly on a private jet, and that required you having to own your own plane (or know someone who owned their own plane). Today, though, plane ownership is no longer a requirement in order to travel without the crowds. Instead, many companies are allowing everyday passengers to charter their own private jet. So how do you do that?

One-Time Flight

All the different jet charter companies have their own rules and guidelines regarding how to book your flight, but many of them are willing to take passengers on a one-time trip. If you have never flown in a private jet before, this is the best option. It will allow you to enjoy the experience of flying on your own plane without having to make a very large investment. You can try different fleets, different companies, and even try some different amenities. If you end up enjoying the private flight, and if you will be a regular flyer, then you can opt for one of the other jet charter options.


If you enjoy flying on a private plane, and if you fly regularly, then your best option is to join a jet card membership at the charter company of your choosing. Most companies offer incremental jet card memberships, which allow you to choose the amount of money you want to spend. As a member, you simply pay a certain fee, and this will earn you so many trips or so many flying hours (which will depend on the company and their specific policy). A membership ends up being much cheaper than constantly paying for one-time flights whenever you need to fly, but it’s also best for those individuals who fly most often. Plus, not only will you save some money, but you will also receive some special perks too, which can vary from free meals to in-flight Wi-Fi or a variety of other options.


Many charter companies also have special memberships (or only run exclusively for) businesses. If your company does a lot of traveling, especially internationally, then you should consider chartering a private jet for your business needs. Many private jets will provide audiovisual equipment as well as conference rooms and other necessities, which will allow you to conduct business on the plane. This can be much more effective for your business than simply trying to type on your laptop on a crowded commercial flight. Some jet charter companies will even go as far as branding the plane for you, which will allow you to truly impress those high-profile clients. And if you’re looking to really boost the experience, some even offer in-flight catering—and you get to choose the menu.

So the next time you are looking to book a flight, don’t waste time standing in line for hours for the TSA, and don’t get stuck next to that crying baby. Instead, make your experience truly memorable and opt to charter your own private jet, whether for personal or business reasons. Be careful, though, as once you fly on a private jet, you’ll likely never want to go back to commercial airlines again.

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