Your hands start to sweat, pulse increases and a nervous feeling leaves your stomach in knots. If you suffer from anxiety, use some of these tips to overcome some everyday challenges.

Public Speaking

Public speaking tops the phobia list. It negatively impacts career growth and the potential for a promotion in a place of employment. But there are ways to lessen this anxiety. First, exercise a few hours before you are about to give your presentation. Exercise provides a healthy distraction, helping to prevent a meltdown before you speak. By running on the treadmill or taking a Zumba class, you are preparing your body to handle other types of stress. On presentation day, your nervousness might prohibit you from getting started. Preparing ahead of time by writing down what you want to say and practicing it in front of a mirror will iron out these jitters. Consider memorizing your first few lines and practice saying them aloud several times.

Taking Tests

Even if you’re prepared for test day, test anxiety cripples many people and affects performance. The key in avoiding this unwelcome response is to practice taking the written portion of the exam prior to sitting for the official test. Take mock up tests. For example, if you’re studying for your theory test, log on to Top Tests during your preparation. For any test, a good night’s sleep, preparation, a healthy breakfast and keeping things in perspective is a great way to channel anxiety into something more productive. Try to relax before the test and if you believe in good luck charms, pack a couple to offer a supportive boost before you start answering questions.


Interview anxiety is understandable since your demeanor determines if you secure a job. Prior to the interview, research the company, the key players and the general overview of the industry. Request a friend to ask mock questions and film it. Review the video to find out improvements to make to your body language, voice and answers to questions. If a question posed during the interview catches you off guard, pause before answering. On the day of the interview avoid caffeine (or at least more than usual), use a positive mantra to push you through your anxiety and eat a good breakfast. If you have to, keep repeating, “I got this!” under your breath prior to walking through the company’s doors.

Meeting New People

Anxious people tend to clam up when meeting new people. The thought of shaking hands and engaging in conversation might cause you to avoid these situations altogether and will influence networking for job opportunities, finding new friends or mingling with people at a cocktail party. If it is a severe anxiety, consider visiting a therapist who might help uncover the underlying cause of your anxiety. If therapy isn’t an option, consider reading self-help books which offer tips for this type of social anxiety. Try breathing deeply before you meet new people and attempt to keep a rational outlook on the situation.

Fearful Situations

Flying on airplane, a trip to the dentist or doctor or even going to a circus or concert, might make anxiety peak. The uncertainty of not knowing you don’t have control usually is the underlying cause. A key tip is to find what helps you relax when faced with these situations. You might combat your anxiety by exercising, reading, meditating or taking a friend with you to the dentist or doctor’s office. Find out what works for you and stick with the facts to avoid unnecessary speculation of a “fearful” situation.

Anxiety doesn’t have to prevent you from living. Examine what works and use these practices to help navigate common situations in your life.


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