Your girlfriend must be the most loved person by you! You will always want her to be happy. But many of the couples are unhappy these days. One of the major reasons for that is the fact that they do not know what to ask each other. Some people ask wrong questions or demand wrong information from their girlfriends that sours their relationship. In order to make sure that you maintain a healthy relationship with your girlfriend, you can even get help by a live psychic chat reading.

You will be surprised to note that as you get help by a live psychic chat reading, many of your relationship problems might get resolved. Apart from this if you need more tips regarding what not to ask your girlfriend, read on:

  1. Never ask you girlfriend for bill payments: Whether you are meeting the person for the first time or dating her for quite some time now, never ask her to contribute towards paying the restaurant bill. If she does that on her own, well and good or otherwise be a man!
  2. Never ask girls about their sexual orientation: Please do not pop out questions like “Are you sure you are straight?” Well, she might not be standing with you if she has some other sexual orientation. Moreover, there are other ways to know it rather than asking her about it.
  3. Don’t question your girlfriend’s dressing sense: Never ask your girlfriend why she is wearing a particular outfit. She might revert back by asking you why you wear something that looks funny to her and you will be lost for an answer.
  4. Never ask opinions for things like size: Well, if your girlfriend is not complaining, then do not pop up such awkward questions. It will put both of you in an awkward situation.
  5. Never ask about love: Well, do not pop up questions like “Do you love me?” If anytime in future you do feel the necessity to ask this question, then be sure that the answer will be no!
  6. Avoid dicey questions about food: When you are at a restaurant and you plan to order some food, always ask if she wants anything to eat. Never ask if she wants salads or juice. It might give an impression that she needs to get in size or you consider her fat.
  7. Do not comment on her guy friends: When you are in a relationship, try to chill out. Do not get worried about her guy friends. They might not be a threat to your relationship. Moreover, don’t speak to her without any evidence in this regard.
  8. Avoid reading out messages on her phone: Reading incoming messages on her phone will be a severe breach of trust. This might make her feel that you are worried about infidelity. It will kill your relationship.
  9. Don’t ask how many guys she slept with: This can be a question that will completely break your relationship. Just relax. She is with you now and trust her loyalty for you.
  10. Do not question her about birth-control pills: Yes she can be on birth control pills. Yes, they are contraceptives! But they are no safeguard against STDs and STIs. So, if she requests, wear your condoms and stay safe!

The above mentioned tips might be of great help to you. If you require more tips to make your girlfriend happy, then read on to know more:

  • 10 Things that you should never ask your girlfriend 1Be true to her. Lying might affect your relationship badly.
  • Try to love what she loves! Once she knows that, she will also love what you love.
  • She will love to have your full attention. So spend time with her.
  • Give her a call whenever you can and see her happiness.
  • A text message from your end will also warm up her heart.
  • Be proud of her and hold her hands in public.
  • Rather than kisses, hugs are stronger. So hug her whenever you can.
  • But that does not mean you will not kiss her!
  • Respect her. Listen to her.
  • Gift her with flowers or chocolates. She will surely love them!
  • Remember the anniversaries. A warm wish will make her happy!

Follow the above mentioned tips and enjoy a happy relationship.

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He's an avid gadget geek and spends most of his time reading or writing.

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