teen-computerYour son has entered the dreaded teenage years and you can already see the commencement of his transformation into an adult. Though he may identify himself as being a “mature, young adult”, you know there is much more for him to learn in preparation for the real world. Supporting your teenager in his transition from adolescence into adulthood is about helping him grasp the concepts of responsibility and independence. There are a number of useful, free online resources that will allow you to equip your teen with the tools he needs to enhance his self-sufficiency.


In the pre-teen and teenage years, your child’s body is undergoing many changes. This time might be confusing for your teen and require some guidance and counselling. It is an excellent opportunity to empower your child to have more responsibility and awareness about his body and health. Steer your teen towards TeenHealthFX, where he can utilize its many resources and forums to help further understand all of those bodily changes. The site has had over 25 million visitors and has been featured with acclaim in USA Today, the New York Times and ABC News. The site’s objective is to “provide teens with an online resource for any and all of their questions regarding health, relationships, their body and their sexuality.”

Another useful site is KidsHealth.org, which has a specific teen section. This site provides a variety of helpful information on topics like body basics, sexual health, food, fitness, diseases, drugs, alcohol, and mental health. The site encourages teens to make a personal plan, in regards to eating and exercising habits, elevating athleticism or making more conscientious and health-wise choices. The planner allows your teen to make long-term and short-term goals and shows them how to break them down into manageable micro-goals, and encouraging milestone achievements.


To equip your teen with the knowledge they need to become a responsible driver, direct them to driving-tests.org. The site offers free permit practice tests for every state, from Arizona to Wyoming. The tests are based on the most current DMV driver handbooks and provide immediate feedback. The site even has an app that offers 280 unique, randomized questions and seven separate permit practice tests. The tests use the same grading and scoring system as your state’s DMV, providing an explanation for every question answered incorrectly. This company is an excellent resource for your teen to learn about the rules of the road and help them become responsible and safe drivers.


As your teen begins to work, it is valuable to learn about the nuances of managing finances. The Mint features a “Tips for Teens” section on their site that goes over saving tricks, saving/spending plans and explains how banks work. There are also interactive quizzes, calculators and games to make learning about an otherwise dry subject a little more fun. In the “How Banks Work” section, teens can learn about the meanings of terms like savers deposit, borrowers withdraw, bank profit, and interest rates. “Tricks Our Minds Play With Money” teaches your teen the value of money and how it is viewed from a psychological standpoint, which sheds light on the hows and whys of spending habits. Introducing your teen to the information he should know about money and getting him thinking about the kind of saver and spender he wants to be can set him up for financial success in the long run.


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