Being in a relationship is a big adventure, often offering us a roller-coaster of emotions. Whilst maintaining a coupled life can bring some stressful moments and a lot of challenges, most of us will get a lot of satisfaction from keeping that relationship together. Being with someone will test us in ways that are both emotional and physical, but the satisfaction gained from being in a relationship will make those challenges worth it. However some of us will genuinely find ourselves in a position where discontent is a daily occurrence, clouding over what should be a happy and satisfying life.

Signs of unhappiness

When we are genuinely unhappy, we start showing signs of being distant. This often leads to us not talking and folding back onto ourselves. Sadness is a feeling which a lot of us have problems communicating, and most of us do not want to express our unhappiness, hoping things will get better over time. Being emotionally unhappy will start to appear physically, where one half of a couple will avoid being in the same room as their other half, going into another place in the house so they can be alone away from their partner. However, not everyone gets emotionally distant, and some of us will express our unhappiness by shouting and having arguments on a very regular basis. Whilst arguments are an unavoidable part of life, shouting at our partner everyday will often be a sign of dissatisfaction. After all, why need to shout if we are happy?

Making the situation better

Most problems can be solved with good communication, however it can be difficult to say what we want when we have accumulated so many negative thoughts. When keeping our feelings to ourselves, we often end up resenting our partners, holding them responsible for all our unhappiness and misery. The best way to re-open a line of communication is to start spending some time with each other doing a common activity. Going for a walk, practicing a sport, joining an activities club together will put us in that situation where we can start making genuine small talk; opening the way to eventually talking about our unhappiness with one another.

Looking for solutions elsewhere

Sometimes distance is the best solution, and taking some time away from our partners will help us making sure that we are living the life we want to live; as opposed to just living someone else’s life. Going to public places and talking to other people, spending more time with our friends will help re-establishing our own sense of individualism. Being in an unhappy relationship often implies that the sex- life is not satisfying us anymore, and that frustration alone can be incredibly difficult to surmount. For some of us, searching adult dating sites to find a like-minded partner for a quick affair might help chasing that irritation away, eventually making us realise that we still want to be with our partner. If we click here to visit one of those websites, we realise that there are others in our situation. This probably sounds morally dubious, but an affair in our relationships can often be the catalyst to opening our lines of communication again; showing that there is a problem and that something needs to be done about it.


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He's an avid gadget geek and spends most of his time reading or writing.

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