Has the Tide Turned In Family Court

Once upon a time, women stayed home, took care of the household and had the primary responsibility for raising children. In the event of a divorce, she would receive support for the children and a specified maintenance award to tide her over until she remarried. Most men were sympathetic figures who were good providers and wanted to stay involved in their children’s lives and support them.

The advent of no-fault divorce and couples who don’t marry changed that. Now, more than half of all marriages end in divorce, and 70 percent of these are initiated by the wife; women also win custody an estimated 85 – 90 percent of the time. There has also been a concurrent epidemic of children living in poverty due to dead-beat and absentee fathers, and the laws in family courts have changed to reflect this trend and protect children from the economic fallout of divorce and non-support. These laws were necessary and good for the children, women who are unable to find employment that will support a family and society at large. However, what started out as a way to level the paying filed, hold men accountable and ensure that the needs of their children are being met has turned into what some critics call a ‘War on Fatherhood.’ The idea of the ‘irresponsible, dead-beat dad’ has been perpetuated by the entertainment and news media until it has become social canon.

You don’t have to go far to hear horrors stories of men who have been cut out of their children’s lives with little or no recourse. There’s a perception that laws meant to protect women are being used by women to game the family court system. In an effort to protect abused women, the laws have made it easier for women to use these same laws to their advantage to separate men from their children, with little to know evidence necessary to back their claims. Whether these perceptions are true, or these practices as widespread as they appear, the fact is that men are feeling unfairly taken advantage of in divorce and custody situations.

Due to this perception that men get the short end of the divorce and custody process, law firms like Cordell & Cordell, that specialize in men’s rights in family court, are opening up all the time. Check local law firms or Internet listings to find such a practice in your area.


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