Online and Mobile Gaming: The Latest Technological Revolution

The world of technology is constantly evolving, while the pace of this advancement seems to gather momentum with every single day. This is especially true in the online market, where the impact of mobile technology has revolutionised everything from real-time interaction to the way in which everyday tasks are completed.

The gaming market has changed beyond all recognition during the last five years, as mobile devices have become increasingly sophisticated and capable of delivering an immersive experience while on the move. No software embodies this better than Apple’s iOS 8 operating system, which features the enhanced graphics engine Metal and delivers console style gaming through a mobile platform. As a result of this, the gap between console and mobile gaming is narrowing considerably. The remote gaming sector as a whole is set to reach $182.8 billion by the end of this year, for example, with social and mobile titles key drivers of this growth. By the end of 2018 mobile gaming may even outstrip the more established platform, as the combination of flexibility and immersive graphics provides the ideal experience for both casual and avid players. There is another benefit offered by mobile gaming in the current market, and this is accessibility of virtual casinos.


The advent of online casinos which use aggressive promotions such as roulette no deposit which demand no subscription fee, have added a new dimension to mobile gaming in the last five years. Through these virtual resorts, players can access a range of competitive and live casino games and enjoy these alongside traditional sports betting. With real-time, live gameplay prominent and the presence of increasingly authentic interactions between players and dealers, mobile casinos offer a realistic gambling experience that is capable of generating billions of pounds annually.

If we continue to use virtual casinos as an example, the potential for mobile gaming is boundless as we progress through 2015. The emergence of products such as Google’s Chromecast has created an opportunity for cross-platform gaming, for example, meaning that players can gather in a single location and replicate a genuine casino experience in the comfort of their own home (simply by connecting a mobile device to a larger screen). The same principle can be applied to other types of immersive, mobile games, meaning that the future is bright for the medium and that the latest technological trend is far from being a fad.

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